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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 25, 2008
  • 03:02 PM

Hi everyone, I have some medical problems that i desperately try to find their reason. I had many tests and I have seen many doctors but i havent diagnosed yet. My main symptoms that affect my whole life are:

Very Weak Memory: I always had very weak memory, even though I have many methods to remember things better, try to concentrate as good as possible, I cant even remember the sentence I read couple of seconds ago completely. I like to listen music, but i dont know even one songs lyrics completely, I cant remember places, names or my experiences (most of the times i have to try very hard to remember). So both my verbal and visual memory is working very poor, which started to affect my life very much.

Breathlessness on exertion: I get breathless very very fast. Even though I go to gym constantly and try to play soccer weekly, as long as i know myself, i get breathless after even running couple of minutes or swim the pool one times. Even someone who dont make any sports can run or swim much more than me before getting breathless. If I try hard. to run and move too much when playing soccer or basketball after ten minutes also a pain starts right side of my belly.

These are my main problems and i think they are related to:

High Heart rate: I checked my heart rates at gym. At rest and before starting to run my heart rate is normal (80). After intensely running 30 seconds, it goes up to 150-160, and after 1 minutes 170, 90 second - 2minutes later it gets to 180 and i get too breathless to continue.

Pale skin: I have a very pale skin color like i have no blood running under my skin. Some times i become yellowish.

Thalassemia carrier: I am thalassemia carrier and as i remember i am a high rate of carrier.

Ankylosing spondylitis: I just treated for ankylosing spondylitis, but i have it may be for 7 years.
Its symtoms that i have are back, neck, chew pains, stress, low appetite, fatigue.

I never use drugs, smoke cigarettes and I am social drinker with a weight of 154 pounds (70kg) and height of 6 foot (188 cm).

Test Results:

Brain MRI: everything seems ok.

Blood tests:
RBC, RDW, MONU, NEU are few points high and MCV,MCH are few points low. Nothing too important.
All other tests were ok, such as my WBC, HGB, Iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, thyroids, liver function tests...

I am Not Anemic.

Even though every doctor first listened to my heart everytime and couldnt find anything wrong i suspect that only a heart problem can lead both weak memory and becoming breathless as fast. What do you think guys?


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