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Losing Hope, Needing Help

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  • Posted By: Sarnia234
  • October 22, 2007
  • 03:23 AM

I’m a 25 year old female – I live like I’m twice that old, and I can’t remember a day without pain. I'm being betrayed by both my body and the doctors.

Here’s a rundown of my symptoms:

Chronic Diarrhea - on and off, mostly on since I was 13 years old.

Recently (in the last year) the diarrhea has been interrupted with bouts of constipation where I will go for a week or a week and a half without a bowel movement, this will be followed up with another week of a week of diarrhea 4 times a day for a week afterwards.

Chronic Migraine headaches – these began when I was 22, and are somewhat controlled with medication (Immitrex as needed and 150mg of Topomax daily)

Joint Pain in my knees/Leg weakness – began in the last 6 months and there are times when I can barely walk or will be hobbling around.

Low Back Pain – began around 2 years ago and can be disabling at times. I can rarely lift anything that weighs more than 30 lbs. I was given muscle relaxers which didn’t help.

Chest Pains – began one month ago. EKG showed a slow and abnormal heart rhythm. Chest Xray and blood work came back fine - slightly elevated calcium levels. They come and go, and when I’m having them my heart beat can be felt pulsing by others (like its pounding out of my chest) and it radiates up to my ears. My doctor thought it might be related to anxiety and gave me a RX for Cymbalta (which I don’t take because she failed to tell me that Cymbalta could potentially fatally interact with my migraine meds…thanks doc)

Acid Reflux – began in the last 3 months or so, the doctor put me on Previcid which has helped it out considerably…but I still can’t have any fruit juices or anything acidic without feeling the burn.

Confusion – I’ve always been an on target and alert person, but occasionally I will have a hard time even adding simple equations - I literally can’t add 2 plus 6. This could be a side effect of the Topomax, but I’m not sure.

Dry, Thin, Brittle Hair – This has been in the last year or so, no matter what I do it breaks and it’s thinner and more damaged than it ever used to be.

All of this has aged me WAY before my time. I’m 25 years old. I’m supposed to be getting married next year. I cry every night either from pain or worry. I worry that I will always feel this way, that I won’t get a pain free day – I worry that I won’t be able to enjoy my wedding day for any one of the reasons listed above, I worry that I shouldn’t have children – that I wouldn’t be able to raise them right, take care of them, carry them.

It seems that every time I go to the doctor they try to give me the next craze of antidepressant. I don’t need an antidepressant…I need an answer – the one thing they aren’t giving me.

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