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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 9, 2007
  • 02:05 AM

It was found that I had a liver lesion a year and a half ago. It measured approx 1.75cms. I had an ultrasound (where it was found) and then a CT scan which were both inconclusive in diagnosing if it was cancer or not. I was referred to a liver clinic at a hospital where i saw a specialist. The specialist stated they thought that given my age (27yo) that it is unlikely cancerous however they would do an MRI to confirm. I had the MRI and the report stated it is either a hemangioma, cystic disease or extremely necrotic metastastic disease?? The specialist stated that although a diagnosis could not be confirmed he still believed it to be an benign hemangioma given my age. That was approx 8 months ago, for the past two months I have had pain under my right rib cage, I visited the dr and had an ultrasound, it showed the lesion to be just over 2cms and confirmed there was a second lesion behavouring the same as the first one on the same slice in my liver. The scan also showed a polyp in my gallbladder however only a small one. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I am concerned as my mother is currently fighting terminal cancer that started in her breasts however is in her liver and it scares me as mum was diagnosed with cancer when she was 42 years old. Any suggestions or stories of similar nature are welcomed. Thanks

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  • A friend of mine has had these on her liver too. she has had many tests but they assured her it was fine. stay positive....
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  • Have you looked into the other kind of scans they can do, have you considered a biopsy????
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  • Last year doctors found 3 lesions in my liver (I'll be 28 this year). That was in February and they've not yet been able to tell me what they are. I've had a CT, an ultrasound, three MRIs, and a liver biospy. The only thing positive that came out of all these tests is that I have a 98% assurance that the lesions are not cancer. Question: Are your lesions solid or blood-filled? I was told mine are solid, and that that was a better scenerio for me since blood-filled lesions sometimes burst, although it's not common. A good thing for you is that your lesions are in the same piece of liver, in case they decide they want to cut them out. Mine are in 3 separate sections. The liver has 8 sections. Did you know that you can have up to 70% of your liver removed, and it will regenerate? I do not recommend agreeing to having a liver resection unless is ABSOLUTELY necessary! The surgery is highly invasive. Anyway, I got told that the fact that I've been on strong hormone/steriod meds (due to endometriosis) might have triggered these lesions to grow. I've been put on a medicine ban to see if the lesions shrink. The last MRI showed no change. I'm due for another. Hey, something you should know is that a malignant lesion is usually easier to distinguish on an MRI, so that's points in your favor to your lesions not being malignant.
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  • Hi,The fact that you are 27 definitely is in your favor. But here is a possible way to phrase a question to your doctor, that might get a different answer:"What if I was 50...then how would you approach what you have seen so far?" And follow that up with "While it is obviously very unlikely, is it possible that my age isn't keeping me as safe as you are assuming?"I actually think that it will work out fine, and here is why I think so...when my father was dying (couple years ago) and afterwards, I had the distinct impression I was going to follow him rather sooner than later. It freaked me out. Your having these lesions in your liver, just when your mother is fighting cancer that has gone to her liver cannot possibly help but leave you feeling much more vulnerable about having, of all things, liver problems.But if you really think the doctor is taking this too cavalierly, then find another doctor. This is your life! It is important that you have confidence that something isn't being overlooked. The fact is, some people have randomly rare medical situations, and that doctors tend to assume "normal" things and don't look for rare things. This is in your body. If your body is telling you to look deeper into it, DO so.Am I coming across a bit wishy-washy? Yah, I guess so. Your mother is dying, and that is enough to make you have anxiety, and anxiety has a way of spilling into all of life. So you might just be worried, and the doctor might just be right that it is nothing to worry about. Or, you could be right, and just because you are anxious about your mother, doesn't mean your liver isn't a problem. (Apologies for all the double negatives!)Anyway, hopefully I am making some sense.Oh, last bit...make sure your doctor (or any doctor you go to) knows that your mother got cancer at an early age. That is a big factor for them to take into account.Best,Shula
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