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  • Posted By: Impossible
  • September 3, 2008
  • 10:21 PM

hi, i registered here with the username JointPain befotre i believe it was, but i lost my email and forgot the password so here i am...

i am in grade nine now, but before i go on ill list my symptoms

Purple Thick lines on the knees and thighs (that sometimes go the same color as my skin, and feel like TUNNELS when youi run your finger over them)

Dizzy spells when i get up for up to a minute

Stabbing pains (VERY bad pain) in the thigh

extreme burning pain in the thigh

aches in the thigh

All of the above pain and cramps in my caff muscle and ankle (all this pain is also in my left leg but noty nearly as bad)

numbness in both feet (started in the big toe, moved to the others and stopped at the pinky toe, then went up the foot to the ankle)

Weird back lump(?), theres not really a lump, but whenever i get up it feels like theres a lump there.... but theres not

blurry vision

double vision

flushing in the face

weird white dot rash on the hands that comes and goes (looks like blood is rushing in but its not getting to those areas, so they stay white) the rest of my hand goes DARK red and the dots are BIG and very white

Same rash on the feet ^ (but only at the sides)

Very bad nose bleed(s)

EXTREMELY fast heart (shown on echo and proven to NOT be stress)


fast heart followed by bleeding

Weird sleep patterns

back aches (even though i dont do sports or anything to cause it)

burning in the palm when fingers are pulled to hard

Capillaries popping in the hands

Shortness of breath

thats about all i can think of at the moment, im sure theres more though :l

anyway im 14, just went into grade nine and ive had these problems for about...... 2 years now.

i have been tested for lupus ect ect ect JRA whatever you can think of, ive been tested for it. ive had two echos one before the fast heart second after one EKG showing arrythmia, ive been tested for lime disease more times than ive had birthdays....

ummm... also ive been tested for allergies but im only slightly allergic to certain things but nothing that would cause any of this.

the latest symptoms have to do with the heart and lungs.

about two months ago my heart started to speed up. each day it went faster, and harder. it doesnt stop, it races like a horse all day and beats VERY hard.

the one doctor i trust listened to my heart and told me its CERTAINLY not stress, so he set me up for an echo.

during the echo, my mom saw how fast the valves were opening and closing and the guy doing the echo admitted that he saw the arrythmia and the fast beating was very abnormal.

i still have not gotten the results yet.

and Today i was sitting in class, when my heart started to race faster than it ever has, and harder. couple of minutes later and a pool of blood is coming out of my nose. it went like that for at least 3 - 5 mins until it stopped and when it stopped my heart went back to how it usually is (still fast and beating hard)

i just want to know what it is so i can fix it, and get on with my life! im so tired of people trying to act like its something its not. all i hear is its cuz your growing its the weather blah blah blah, I WANT THE ANSWER i dont want BS PLEASE help me figure this out because its starting to get out of control

thank you very much for any answers

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