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Joint Popping, pain spreading..

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  • Posted By: JasonWalt
  • January 29, 2008
  • 04:32 AM

Hi guys, here's a long story, but I feel it is important. About 6 months ago I started eating healthy, fish, granola, fruits, veggies, protein supplements and so on. For all intents and purposes I stopped eating anything processed. No high fructose corn syrup, hydrogentaed oils and so on. I was working out too, felt AWESOME!! Best in my life I think. Well about a month after that I hit my elbow pretty hard at work. Had to work for another week before their doc seen me and put me on light duty for a week. A few days after the injury, my elbow started popping when I turned my wrist. The popping would best be described as a ligament or tendon rolling over a bone groove. I'm still unsure of the cause. Anyways, time went by, never got better. Still eating healthy, but no working out the upper body =(. Anyways, they did an xray, mri, both came back ok. I did physical therapy and stuff. I'm still having issues with my elbow popping and bothering me, like soreness, but not really and in random spots like sometimes like below my tricep, or the ulna nerve and so on. My pinky and ring finger go numb on occassion, or like fall asleep. I am having an emg done, but any neuropathy doesnt explain the popping and pain associated with it. Now heres the weird thing, One day I went to wipe my "behind" and my right collar bone popped and hurt like crap for about a week, real sore, and its never gotten better. Any now my knee on the back side where the two "cords" run, one side is hurting. My other collarbone is bothering me now too. I have been tested for gout and arthritis (not sure which type), and both were negative. I've had an xray of my right collarbone as well. I've tied supplements like cataplex, ligaplex, cissus quandranglus, Joint MD, and a few others, no help.

I'm wondering if I didnt coincidentally catch some virus or bacteria that could cause this? It seems to be spreading to the joints of my body that are under the most stress? Maybe I am deficient of something? I feel fine other then these issues. I also pulled something in my back a few weeks ago, and I dont think I really overdid anything, seemed weird. It has since gotten better. Is there a disease, a sickness, or condition that could cause these symptoms? Not sure if its tendon, ligament, or bursae issues, I'm really stumped and depressed about it. Dad has horrible arthitis and I know that is coming, so I dont need this so soon =(. I do work at a factory, but never had issues until I hit my elbow, so I dunno if something has weakened me, and the trauma brought out the symtoms, but I need to get it figured out asap.

Any ideas at all, or questions let me know. My work does bloodwork for free, so anything I could be tested for would be nice to know. I have started eating like I used to but in moderation, and still the same thing... I feel rather worthles most of the time, as I'm limited in what I can do. Not the best time to be finding a girlfriend either =\.

Today I noticed what seems to be lumps under both ends of my right colllar bone, not real sure, it doesnt seemed to hurt if I touch them, but if I tried to puish with my arm forward, it hurts like heck, had to leave work early today, it was bothering me way too muich, i see the doc tomorrow at 8:30am.

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