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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 17, 2008
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Hi everyone,
I am male 24, never had any consistent medical problems before and was never hospitalized until it all started. On 3rd jan I was working in my office and suddenly felt slight pain around my anal sphincter, perhaps due to Hemorrhoids as i have been suffering from constipation from several weeks. Then it accompained with low fever and general weakness. I went to a doc who recommended to visit a surgeon immediately if it continues. He also prescribed me an antibiotic and an external tube to apply on the spot. I took antibiotic for next two days , my fever and pain was gone and i felt much better but on third day i started feeling chest tightness.

It immediately followed with appetite loss and nausea and i once again went to the doc , he took a chest x-ray but found nothing , then diagnosed 'pneumonia' and gave another prescription. I have not yet taken any medicines and on same day my chest tightness became sever and i was unable to breathe. Immediately i went to an ER, they took ECG but heart was normal then they hospitalized me and during next 2 days tried to find out whats wrong with my chest.
On the second day of my stay they tried to give me IV flagyl (antibiotic) along with glucose as i was severly dehydrated by now. And it was just like a gun shot, i got a severe reaction , my whole body got spasms along with discomfort and BP went above 220. Afterwards dont know what the heck they injected to make me calm. Took another ECG but nothing unusual.
A surgeon also checked for Hemorrhoids but nothing , however he found a little infection around the sphincter and a simple antibacterial tube was recommended.

In the meantime, i started getting anxiety attacks palpitations, abnormal pulse rate etc.. Chest tightness was still there and I was sweating even in very cold weather outside + nausea and no appetite. For next couple of days they took various blood tests almost all of them were normal, checked my urine and stool and found nothing suspicious. Abdomen ultrasound was also normal except for a tiny stone in right kidney. A gastroentrologist diagnosed 'gastritis' after 4-5 days and thanks God i got some relief as he started giving me 'omeprazole' and anti anxiety pills. Got discharged next day.

Went well for next two weeks. And then again one day same chest tightness and acidic reflux returned. This time I was also suffering from back lumber region pain that appeared to be originating from right kidney. I got panic attack and was once again in hospital. They said nothing suspicious just another gastritis attack due to which i am having abdominal cramps. However just to be sure see a urologist.

I followed up with a urologist and told him about the kidney pain and other symptoms i have been suffering from, after listening to my whole story he advised IVP x-rays. Went through IVP series which revealed a blockage in right kidney. Pain was still there along with other anxiety attacks, so he recommended a cystoscopy. They found blockage was severe and inserted a DJ stent in right kidney to remove the blockage. Kidney and back pain reduced and i became normal within next few weeks.

Meanwhile i was still taking 'omeprazole' & antianxiety pills for gastritis as advised by GI doc, the urologist also added some antibiotics and pain killers so that my body gets familiar with newly inserted stent. I took these medicines for next 2-3 weeks.

During this whole period elapsed over feburary and early march i was having nausea sometimes very bad mouth taste (seems like eating flagyl pill) sometimes abnormal heart beats and pulse rates etc. Have gone hospital 2 more times in feburary , once having severe back muscle pains (which i misinterpreted as kidney pain) but after some urinary and blood tests urologist said its just back muscle problem and urinary tract is not having any issues now.

things remained almost same until in march i also started feeling weakness and fatigue, sometimes to such an extent that i was unable to wake up from my bed especially in morning and having headaches, sort of light swings etc. Once again i seen the GI doc , they repeated some blood tests and endoscopy which reported 'Mild chronic gastritis in upper stomach' GI doc told me to continue the omeprazole and an antispasmodium.

By now i have learnt how to deal with anxiety attacks, but somehow they have been reduced (i stopped taking unnecessary medicines including anti-depressents and anti-anxiety pills) . In the end of march i have had flu attack which lasted for a week and i was having very severe headaches along with pain in right eye. Flu was gone but my eye pain was still there, it seemed like something is accidently inserted in it but there was nothing in the eye and i was also having headache on the same side. I even started getting sort of hellucinations and non realistic fearful thoughts.

I have seen my GIs few more times , all they say is something wrong with your brain and your stomach. one of them named it 'Irritiable bowl syndrome' another one said 'its a brain gut disturbance', and you are depressed and anxious nothing else. Also they wonder the amount of 'omeprazole' i have eaten so far (3+ months) should have reduced the inflammation in stomach but you still feel bad mouth taste , nausea, appetite loss , abdominal cramps along with fatigue even with Vitamin B complex. :(

Also rarely (perhaps only 2 times so far) i noticed dark color urine (sort of brown) I told them about this as well , have gone through liver function tests and hepatitis tests but they are all normal. They have even checked for 'porphyria' and could not found any porphyrins in urine. VMA test was also conducted just to make sure anything wrong with adrenal enzymes (anxiety ? no )

By now i am tired, have a pile of all these tests and they are unable to tell me anything specific, From last one week i have left that 'omeprazole' thing as well and surprisingly feeling little better. My appetite is returning to normal and i am not feeling that much weak as i was feeling 2-3 weeks ago. Also not having abdominal cramps. (Are these possible side effects of omeprazole ??)

But still after eating I get bad mouth taste and a feeling that my muscles & joints are not very vigorous. Also mild headaches appear non-continously.

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