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Is there any help at all for me?

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  • Posted By: fgj178
  • October 22, 2008
  • 00:40 PM

I am a male, 18 years old. I have posted in several other forums and it seems no one can help me there.

Back in late December of 2007 I was lifting heavy things helping someone move. Shortly thereafter I lost the feeling in the tip and side of my left big toe and an area about an inch wide on the side of my right foot. When the doctor was looking at my feet he said that the numbness could be from thickening of the skin and I had 2 warts on my left big toe so he froze them off. The numbness is still there though. I have always thought it was some kind of peripheral neuropathy.

Then in May of 2008 I started experiencing discomfort in my stomach everyday. It was like something was moving around. I was real nauseous and I had no appetite. My hands would tingle too. The constant nausea and the lack of appetite went away but the stomach discomfort stayed. I finally got an upper GI fluoroscopy back in September and apparently my stomach looked fine. I was diagnosed with non-ulcer dyspepsia and I take PPIs to control the symptoms.

Back about the beginning of the month I was lifting some heavy stuff and about an hour later I started to experience a strange feeling in my chest and I got real light headed like I was about to black out, with a little bit of nausea. These feelings would come and go every few minutes. Actually, I experienced the same thing, just once, about a month and a half ago and thought nothing of it. The first weekend of the month I was helping to push a car and right after I got really lightheaded. Now I get the lightheaded feeling everyday and sometimes it comes and goes every few seconds for a few hours and sometimes I am fine for a couple of hours. It doesn't even help when I lie down!

When I get the lightheaded feeling sometimes my arms also feel weightless. I have a hard time with perceiving where my arms are in space for a few seconds.

I also am getting an ache in the back of my neck that comes and goes, but recently it is lasting for longer and longer. I think I might have messed up something in my neck lifting the heavy stuff.

I went to the doctor 3 weeks ago and he got some blood and urine samples and I never heard back from the doctor's office. I think he might have found something. I also got an EKG but I was only hooked up to the machine for two minutes and I wasn't having any symptoms. My doctor is just a family medicine doctor and said he will refer me to a neurologist, but I don't know when he will do that. He is not taking this as seriously as I am, because he is going VERY SLOW. I don't even know if my symptoms are neurological or cardiac in nature?

I am very miserable and at this point I am just waiting to die. Please help me out!

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