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INTENSE Itching, Bumps, Rash-like, and no one has a clue

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 18, 2009
  • 04:00 AM

25 white male, good health, in shape, no history of skin problems in family.
Summer of 2008 (late June-ish) I started to itch a little bit at night.. which progressively got worse. To the point it was waking me up and/or preventing me from falling asleep. By August I start getting some small red bumps in the places I am most itchy. Primarily thighs, waist, stomach, back, and arms. We start off treating for basic itchy symptoms, like mites, scabies, etc. Going a few rounds with those, we notice no difference and my spots are only getting worse. As it starts getting colder, and I wear longer shirts/jeans.. I notice the rash spreading down my forearms, and calves. So we immediately get me into some all unscented soaps, free and clear detergents, off dryer sheets, and anything else my skin comes in contact with. Still no change, and getting worse. However the doctor also mentioned trying Zyrtec.. and in all reality, it does reduce the itch from INTENSE to very light by day, not much help at night. By November I have developed large (dime sized at the largest) crusty edged red spots all over my body. Especially my back, shoulder and biceps. By November, we had been through: Ketoconazole, Premethrine, Hydroxyzine, Cephalexin.
When I finally break into this nasty state, the doctor that I am seeing believes it to be Guttate Psoriasis because of the shape/look and does a punch biopsy on one of the worst spots and a throat culture to check for Strep Throat which is the main cause of GP. Results are in, and I have had an untreated Strep Throat. No conculsion drawn from the biopsy. So I get some Triamcinolone cream to put on my spots, a steroid of sorts im told, and **HERES THE KICKER**.. an antibiotic called Erythrocin 500MG ST TAB. It's a ten day antibiotic.. within ten days, I go from large scab like crusty bumps that itch to the extreme to almost completely back to 100% normal. My body loved whatever that medicine did, which I assume means it cleared the strep and my body responded by healing the spots. I noticed I did retain a very slight itch in comparison to where it was on the intense scale, but it would come and go, some days here, some days completely gone. But no bumps or rash anywhere. December 08 to April 08 I was just like that.
Starting in May, I started noticing that I was itching a little more at night. No bumps, just a slight itch, started the Zyrtec again by June. July it started getting intense at times again. Got appoinment to see a new dermotologist who after seeing my skin (hardly any small little bumps to even show) does not believe it's Guttate Psoriasis, 1) because of the response to the antibiotic that cleared me, and 2) thought it seemed more like Eczema. Continued to cut down on allergy-related stuff. No juice, back to cool showers, etc. August-September I started getting bumps again. Here it is beginning of October, and I'm starting to get larger bumps and bigger rash patches on my stomach, biceps and as always, my thighs. This doctor put me back on Triamcinolone cream and a pill called XYZAL. This pill does well, but takes forever to kick in and only lasts about 12 hours instead of 24? I also notice my skin is much more sensitive, like i've got goosebumps when I take it?
**Kicker #2.. Now I have started to notice new places. I believe I have one or two small bumps on my penis. One on the shaft and one just below the head. I never had bumps anywhere on my genitals before. I also have bumps and cracks and general skin breakdowns on the palms of my hands/fingers, and on the soles of my feet.

Please help, I am so ready to not want to tear my skin off again. I thought we had it with the antibiotic the first time.

My thoughts:
1) Didn't kill it all the first time and it's coming back with a vengance? Need more anti-bio?
2) Does the fact that it has appeared on my genitals relate it to an STD instead of a true skin problem? It wasn't anywhere near there the first time, but Im sure that doesn't rule it out?
3) I have a hard time buying the Guttate Psoriasis when it was an antibiotic that killed it out the first time. Psoriasis cant be cured from antibios.. right?
4) The first time, I had no indicators that I ever had strep, but did. Could it be that I have strep again and it's just attacking my skin instead of my throat?

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