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Infant with MANY issues with no idea

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  • Posted By: sunshinerinker
  • February 16, 2008
  • 00:41 PM

My daughter was born completely normal at 7.5Lbs and 20" long. When she was 4 months old she was 18.8 lbs. The only issue was cradle cap and a blocked tear ducts. Everything was normal and she was a ham. She was completely Breastfed. She nursed every 2-3 hours, sometimes more. When she was 5 months old I decided to start to give her some rice cereal and she ate that with no problem. That is when everything started. She started having less bowels which was expected. On her 6 month check up she weight 19.8 lbs. Her Dr was just a little worried. But not much, I explained that she was crawling, sitting, and eating solids once a day. She just chalked it up to eating solids and being more active. No second thought about it. Her tear duct had now fixed themselves like we were expecting so off to a Optomoligist. He decided that the best thing was to poke tiny holes in her tear ducts so they could drain. No problem right, wrong. The left eye was exactly what he expected and a hole was fine and fixed it. The right eye however had such a narrow tube that he had to create one. He also informed me that her right eye was extremely far sided and she might need glasses in the future. During the next three months she developed constipation. She was now passing pellets that would hurt her to pass. She was at the same weight 19.8lbs. Her Dr sent us to have a feeding evaluation. Everything was fine with that visit. What a joke. Then off to a Gastoentorologist. He ran some test and all came back normal. Elasticity, Celiac, Cystic Fibrosis. All normal. This all took one month and still no change. Then she got Roto-Virus. Despite having the vaccine. Need I say when she went to the ER they did not test her for it because she did not have diarrhea. They did a X-Ray on her stomach to rule out an obstruction and one on her throat to rule out a blocking. Her stomach showed she had a lot of gas. So they gave her a suppository. Her throat showed that she had an enlarged throat. I did not find out until that Monday when I took her to her Dr that she had Roto-virus. This time her weight had dropped to 19.0lbs. She was 10 months old. Back to the GI. He has no idea what is wrong and has put her on a mixture of Miralax, Mineral Oil, and vitamin. We go in every 6 weeks and no change so they up the daily dose each time. Her 12 month check up came. She is back to 19.8. and 30". This is when they labeled her Failure to thrive and told me that they want her to drink 3 Pediasure's a day. Her teeth are a different story, she got her She got her two front teeth just fine, then she got her first four molars, All be 10 months old. then her front side teeth on the top. She is just now getting the ones on the bottom. And I noticed a discoloration of all her teeth. I took her to one dentist and they said that they do not know what is causing it but it was not decay. So I took her to another dentist and they did an X-ray and he said it was not decay but her dentine's are extra wide and she has almost no enamel this is why her teeth are rounded in the back and you can see through them. But he does not know what is causing it. She is now 14 months old and still at 30" and 20.01 lbs. The other day I noticed discolored spots on her face and back. I am also afraid to take her to a dermatologist. I really do not know where else to go or who to see. Developmentally she is fine. If there is anyone out there that can guide me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Cause I really do not know what to do.

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