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Increasing ill for the past two or three years

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 16, 2009
  • 11:42 AM

26 year old, white male, six foot four, 250 pounds.

For many years I was an active athlete. In nearly perfect health. Then a few years back, I moved in with my fiancé and started getting ill. Around that time I quit most of vices, (smoking weed, cigarettes, drinking, etc.) and started exercising due to my increasing illness. Symptoms are many. I have been to the doctor, they won't really see me. Even in the ER. I had a bad trip (psychosis from psychedelics) and went nuts many years ago. However, my symptoms are very real and referrals to psychologists are frequent without running basic blood, urine and other tests.

I can no longer play sports well ( I could dunk, sprint, swim etc.) I gained a good amount of weight, which I cannot loose no matter what I try. Food is repulsive. Below are some other symptoms and I assure you, no hyperbole.

Chest pain, smoking caused me to faint, so I had to quit. Pain is still very apparent in chest.

Difficulty swallowing. Acid reflux. Numbness in throat and chest (outside not inside)

Lower right abdominal pain (comes and goes and itches) right above my hip bone.

Foamy urine that is sickly sweet smelling, bad bowel movements. Dark and light blood in stool. Moves from constipation to diarrhea. Reeks like burnt rubber. Hurts badly. Comes out like twisted play dough. I have what I think is a hemmroid.

Migraines. Pressure. Thought of taking a corkscrew to my head to relieve it. (not kidding). Extreme sensitivity to light.

Inability to run, jump or walk due to shin splints, calve pain, leg weakness.

Heart skips beats, many of them, and often, is irregular, feels like gulping. Races out of control for no reason.

I do not tire from excerise. Ever. This is odd due to the fact that my body hurts while excerising but I never feel fatigued, just pain.

I have fainted and had seizures. 3 seizures, passed out many times.

Feeling of wearing clothing I am not. Socks, hats, gloves, etc. (honestly).

No coughing, ever. Even if I try hard, doesn't seem like coughing, not like I use to. Weak and ineffective.

Swollen glands under my chin, they can be pushed around but that hurts badly. Lowering my my chin to my chest is impossible.

Left and right side of my body gets tangled. Left hand thinks it is right hand, visa versa.

Deja Vu frequently, many times a day, lasting for a very long time. Sometimes minutes.

Eye pain behind right eye. Severe and almost constant. Loss in quality of eye sight, steadily over the last few years. Need new glasses every two years. Eyesight was almost perfect before all this. Pupils are different sizes and contract and expand independent of each other.

Ear infections, clicking jaw.

Clubbed fingers and toes. Slow nail and hair growth.

Twitching muscles in arms and legs.

Occasional right arm pain.

Constantly plugged nostril. Always one, never both.

I reek badly and sweat profusely.

Despite all this. No fever. No runny nose. No flu like symptoms. In fact, I haven't had the flu in ages. I haven't had a cold or flu since these serious symptoms started. I don’t get sick like I use to, just this constant barrage of painful, and frightening symptoms.

Also, I use to vomit, alot, all the time, about 5 years ago, but it stopped about 3 years ago. Everything else has gotten steadily worse. When I did vomit, I did probably three times I day, and projectile like. This was around the time I started quitting recreational drugs (weed).

I know this sounds far fetched, and I have faithfully repeated this to many doctors, but their eyes open wide and they check my medical record, to refer me, yet again, to receive 'other methods of diagnosis'.

Does being manic depressed mean physical illness is impossible? I don't think they are mutually exclusive. I can be both. I am not taking any medication, although I did for a while ( year or so ) and retained the symptoms listed. Maybe I am only physically ill, and my panic and fearful state is being misdiagnosed as hysteria and depression?

I had meningitis as a child and a few broken limbs ( arm twice, ankle twice). Other then that, no medical history. I have taken accutane (spelling) for acne. Antibiotics. LSD, magic mushrooms, weed. Tried cocaine and ecstasy a few times. Haven’t taken a drug in three or four years except effexor and an anti psychotic (forget which one). Stopped those meds after about a year.

I have a horrible episodic memory and fantastic coordination aside from the mix ups of left and right hand activities. According to people I talk to, I should remember the month, if not the year my first dog died, or have a memory of it. I should be able to remember my old phone numbers, going to grade one, my first birthday party, basketball game, date, etc. I do not. This is not typical, I recently learned, (a few years back). I had no idea I had this handicap. I cannot say what I ate three days ago. Others apparently can. People find this impossible, but I don’t think it that odd. I remember voices, things said, pictures, but not events.

I have difficulty keeping track of time, it passes without my knowledge, and this hasn’t always been so. I am paranoid and believe nothing. This manifested itself after years of sickness and has only worsened. My personality prevents doctors taking an interest. I love socialized medicine, but I believe if I had the money to pay someone to look into this, I may find out what is a matter.

Heavy metal poisoning? Cancer? MS? Ticks? Tape worm? I have no idea. I don’t want to eat, or sleep or go outside.

One other thing. There are weird things, that occur once and a while, but the above problems are almost everyday. Stiff neck, muscle weakness, etc. These occur once and a while and go away. However, my head sometimes gets all weird and it feels like it is turning inside out. it is akward feeling and painful and signals a migraine. Also flashing lights, the feeling of being hit in the head with a blunt or sharp object.

Requesting help.

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