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  • Posted By: taniaaust1
  • January 1, 2009
  • 05:26 AM

sorry but i didnt know where to post my query and hence are hoping one of the doctors here could give me some advice (i could email my own doctor and friend but she's working away right now so i dont really want to bother her).

last week (due to my memory issues ive now forgotten when it was, it may not have been a week), someone upset me (yelled at me and i cant emotionally handle stress or being yelled at) so i slashed my wrist deeply on purpose with a razor. (i also have borderline personality disorder along with all my other issues and hence self harm at times if set off).

As my support person (and partner) was going overseas the next day, we didnt have time to deal properly with my slashed bleeding wrist (didnt have time to take me to the hospital to have me stitched up). So after looking for my doctor friends suture kit (or whatever it is) at her home and in her own medical room where she occassionally see patients, (im housesitting it currently) and not being able to find it we went looking for needle and thread but all we could find was her sewing kit with BIG needles.. and my partner wasnt happy about stitching me up with one of those...
he ended up just trying to tape the gaping bleeding hole together, telling me i was going to have to live with it and the horrid mess it was going to leave (i got told it would serve me right..shrugs.. well yeah it does serve me right if ive left with horrid wrist. im not at all upset with his attitude.. i know im a pain in the arse at times).

My doctor friend arrived home after day at the clinic (my partner/support person didnt want me bothering her at work so didnt ring her to tell her about my situation) but it turned out she didnt have any suture equipment at her place. She rang one place she works at (she's a locum) to try to get another leaving work to drop some about, but everyone had already left the clinic.

At this point i suggested we superglue it as i had superglue in my car... so she got her forcepts to hold wound together and she glued it (she said thou it was different to the medical glue used in hospital, it should work ok).

The thing is the glue didnt keep holding it :( day later.. when sticky cloth part she'd put over the whole thing started to come off.. i leant on a loose corner with the other hand and not thinkingly pulled my wound hand backwards.. ripping the cloth part off along with ripping the superglue out of my wound.. sending it into gaping bleeding wound again.

My doc friend at this point had left for interstate... so unable to help me now, when i rang her, she told me just to clean it up (i didnt tell her it was infected or pusy) and superglue it back up (im used to treating my own medical stuff.. i know all this may sound strange to many.. but i usually treat my own medical stuff.. and hence thou she's taken on my case as my doctor as she loves challenges something in which i certainly am.. she also understands that i usually just treat myself when it comes to my health)

Anyway.. turned out the superglue didnt hold well again. (obviously the shop superglue is turning out to be not as good as the medical superglue.. or maybe cause the slash is on my wrist.. that could be the issue as the area gets a lot of strain placed on it whenever i bend my wrist back..umm i suppose that's the issue).

Two days later the gaping, still bleeding some wound ended up started to get thick pus and looked aweful (meaning yucky gooing infected looking aweful, rather than just clean bloody wound aweful).. so I ended up putting essential lavender oil into the open wound and stitching it up with normal needle and thread myself. (i havent told my Doc friend of this as i know she'd be quite horrifed, she was horried when she heard that me and my partner had been looking for needle and thread for it in her sewing kit when we couldnt find it in her medical stuff).

3-4 days later.. the wound is finally looking quite good and healing nicely.. the inflammation about the wound and the pus is all gone.. and i believe the whole thing is healing together now.

Now here's my issue.. my normal cotton stitches.. when should these be taken out??? (cut like went throu all my skin layers.. well that is what it had looked like. i dont want to take stitches out too early and leave a big mess of my wrist again).

Would these be okay if left in for a month.. my Doc friend comes home from interstate then and i could tell her then about my "stitches" and have her take them out. or would leaving them in that long cause issues??

thanks to any Docs here who reply.

(it is really fine now.. no signs of infection..just still healing together so i dont need to bother about hospital), i just need to know when to take stitches out of a wound in that area.

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