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If they don't figure it out soon, I think I'll give up!

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  • Posted By: janngir
  • September 19, 2008
  • 08:51 PM

I have been sick for about a year and a half. I have visited at least twenty doctors with little success. What I usually hear from them is "I can't help you" or "have you seen a therapist". I am so tired of this I am ready to give up!

About a year and a half ago I got a really bad headache. This was followed by sycope and chest pain. My blood pressure was high and my heart rate was through the roof. Of course, like any normal person I went to the doctor. I was subject to test after test with no results. I saw my primary doctor, a cardiologist, and a neurologist. This went on for about six months. Finally, a new cardiologist put a home monitor on me and realized my heart was pausing. I had a pacemaker put in within three days. They put me on Toprol XL for the blood pressure and we figured that everything would just go back to normal. Boy were we wrong!

I was o.k. for a little while. I still had some chest pain, but I figured that was from the surgery. And I was still passing out but only about once a month. We figured we just needed to tinker with the pacer a little more. Then in June came another really bad headache, but this time it came with confusion and memory loss. (In fact, the only way I am writing this is by reading all of my medical records to go back and get correct time lines and symptoms.) The syncopy started getting more rapid, and now my body is hurting me. On the left side of my body I feel like there is burning electicity running up and down my back and legs, and my toes and fingers are constantly going numb! So now I have a constant headache that never goes away, horrible unstoppable pain in my body, and I can't even remember my last name or where I live.

If that's not all bad enough two weeks ago I started having seizures! Passing out, ******g your pants, biting your tongue, twitching on the floor seizures! I don't realize I am having them but they're really freaking my family out. I am tired and weak all of the time and I just want this to be over. So, if you can think of anything let me know, because all of the doctors I have talk to are either stupid or they think I am crazy! (Which I am not. I am seen a therapist.) I am talking Toprol Xl, Dilatain, Topamax, some sort of thyriod medication, folic acid, baby asprin, and Tylonol and Aleve for pain.

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