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ichy red skin on scalp, buttock, groin

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  • Posted By: adeptt
  • July 22, 2008
  • 02:41 AM

Hi all,

so i have been living with this issue which no doctor can give me a straight answer. Here are my systems and maybe one of you can help me figure this out.

- I am 33 years old male
- I have been very sexually active
- dry skin runs in the family ( dad had dry scalp and so does my brother. My grandfather has a very dry and red face in areas )

For over 6 years now i have slowly developed these systems that do not seem to be getting worst but staying the same for over a year now.

1. I have red ichy scalp thats very flaky and the patches are around the hair lines and ears ( possible Seborrheic Dermatitis ) I have had this for 8 years

2. I have a very ichy and sometimes painful rash in the crease of my buttocks. It is above the anal and extends upwords. If i itch it enough, it can bleed lightly. Seems to be worst if i have a big beer drinking night. 10 plus beers in one night then the next day it really inches. if i leave it for a while it creates thick white stuff that i can scrape off. Almost as if its healing? I have had this for 3 years

3. I have a small red rash on the left side of the groin. Very ichy. if i itch it, it will be wet to the touch. I have had this for 2 years.

4. I have red ichy small individual rashes on my penis underneath the foreskin. They come and go with out treatment and do not hurt. They are random on where they show up but always on the top area of the penis underneath the foreskin. They Only itch once and a while. Sometimes they cause milky white fluid.

i was diagnosis with possible eczema or Psoriasis for the groin and penis areas andSeborrheic Dermatitis for my scalp.

I have now started to get some dry redness on the side of my nose. Again it seems to be worst on a big night out drinking.

Treatments I have tried
I have used herpes cream on my penis and this did nothing to get red of the red areas. As soon as i used steroid creams everything was gone within one day but came back 3 -4 days later

I have used steroid liquids on the scalp and within one day everything was gone but came back within 3 or 4 days. I have used many different creams all steroid ones and they do work but only for a few days on all my red areas.

An interesting thing
I have been with my girlfriend for sometime and she has no skin issues. If i have redness on my penis and we have sexual intercourse the next day all redness on my penis is gone. Could her vagina acids act much like steroids creams? Just a very interesting thing that happens. I have tested this a few times and it does seem to be that when we have sex my penis clears up for a few days after just like the steroid creams do

Please let me know your ideas and if all these things are possible one main disease.

I am learning to live with it as it seems all doctors tell me all of it will never go away and to just use creams to keep them down

Thank you

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