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I will take any advice. (urinary)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 9, 2007
  • 00:22 AM

About 2yrs ago I started urinating frequently every 5-10mins. Lately it's about every 30-40mins. I have incontinance if you can call it that b/c I leak continuously. There have been traces-moderate blood in my urine every time a test has been conducted. The doc said sometimes ppl just have blood in their urine. I have had MRI, CT, Cystoscope, and ultrasound. I feel like my back & abdomin spasm. I get headaches. I have been on every medication imaginable for bladder spasms. The urologist recommends some device be put on my bladder which seems rediculous to me since a feel "spasms" are a symptom & not a diagnosis. I want to know what is causing it. My family doctor never felt there was a problem to begin with so I referred myself to the urologist. The urologist thought I was crazy until he did some test which I don't even know what it was but it somehow measured your bladder spasming (involved balloon like thing & catheter like thing attached to computer). I went to a neurologist (family doc got sick of my complaining & referred me) who thought I was crazy but flattered me with a couple tests & found out I have really low B12 (some vitamin I never heard off). I'm not crazy & I want something done so I made an appointment with another urologist but I don't even know if I should be at the urologist or just get a different primary doctor. Anyone have any ideas as to what's wrong with me?

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  • Maybe you arent getting all the urine out at one time.Then you have to keep going back ,and back again.Maybe they need to dilate your pee hole.I had that done.
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  • First of all, people do not just get blood in their unrine. There is a reason. Just like there was a reason I was so sick at age 25 with countless diagnois(es?)back spasmsabdominal spasmsbladder spasmsheadachesLow B12and not being crazy are symptoms of my diagnosis.It took for another person to ask that I not stop with just being diagnosed with many illnesses. They said that there had to be an underlying cause to all of it. That person was right. Look into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as that's what they call it in the states. Here, we call it ME. Good luck and don't stop until you are satisfied with the answer. I kept going and I'm bloody glad I did. Good Luck
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  • Dear Original Poster:There won't be a one word diagnosis or a silver bullet pill -type of cure.But there is so much you can do for yourself!Visit a Doctor of Oriental Medicine who practices NAET.for more info:NAET.com.I had infections everywhere that went undetected and inconclusive tests.Lots of inflammation. Lots of trips to the bathroom for just one small amount.Allergic to B12, and to hormones. I am getting better.Best.
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  • Hello! Wanted to let you know that I share your symptoms and more and I have also been found to have low B12 levels. I have been receiving B12 injections for about three weeks now and dont feel a bit better. I too often have to urinate (seems to be getting worse) about every 30 minutes. I often wake up at night with severe pain in my testicals that seems to get a little better after I urniate. I often have soreness and tenderness in both of my testicals. I have a host of other symptoms like chronic abdominal pain (mostly in left side) and nausia, tingling/bruning sensations in face and in other parts of bosy like legs, arms, hands and feet. My arms, hands, legs and feet often go numb. Given the other symptoms I may noot have what yo have but the urniation and thte groin problems seem to sound alot alike. I have been concerned about STD's although I have been with the same partner for over 10 years but I know some of these things take a long time to come on. I was tested in december for HIV and several other STD's which all came back negative but I am thinking about trying to do a re-test to make sure. If you have not been testedted for HIV and other STD's I would suggest it if nothing more than to rule it out.
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  • Since you seem open to any advice, I highly suggest getting acupuncture treatments - it is very helpful for genitourinary problems. Try to find a practitioner who is NCCAOM certified in BOTH acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, as they have more training. www.acufinder.com has listings all over the world. I have had problems with urinary frequency, history of UTI's and urinary incontinence. I am also a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and since treating this with acupuncture and herbs my symptoms have GONE! It can really help. I agree that NAET may also be helpful as it is possible that you have some food/environmental/chemical allergies causing your symptoms. NAET will help clear this up and is noninvasive (is usually a longer commitment for treatments, which can be expensive - but worth it in my opinion). Also, regarding B12: please see the post by Sally Pacholok (sp?) on B12 deficiency misdiagnosis. She offers amazing advice on HOW to treat this deficiency and what type of B12 to use (orally and by IV). Best wishesDOM
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  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is often the underlying cause for depletion of Vitamin B12, in patients with this diagnosis.
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  • Has a dr. ever suggested that you might have intersitial cystitis?It causes you to urinate alot,have urinary urgency,and low abdominal pain. There is no known cause,but it is where the lining of the bladder has little hemorages and can be helped with a medicine called Elmeron,and a low acidic diet. No caffiene,cirtrus,carbonated beverages,basically only safe fruit is pears,melon,and blueberries. The medicine is fairly expensive,as there is no generic. Just a thought. Hope you find a diagnoses.
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  • i think it is very doubtful that the original poster has CFS or ME, as no exhaustion or postexertional fatigue was mentioned, no sleeping issues, no food intollerances or alcohol intollerance, no IBS, no memory issues.. or those things are very common in CFS/ME and one would expect someone with this illness to have more of those issues. Just those few symptoms and not many other of the normal CFS/ME symptoms.. makes the poster realy not fit the CFS/ME criteria or symptom complex. Also nothing in history to back up that it could be CFS/ME
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