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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 12, 2008
  • 06:23 AM

Hi everyone, I had put a thread on here about a bunch of weird symptoms I have been having. Maybe some of you remember if you visit this board alot. I am a 21 year old female and I have had all of these symptoms since July of 2007.
All these things have changed my life completely around from what it used to be. I hardly was ever sick. These are my symptoms as follows.

Flashes of light (like someone took a picture and the flash is still in my eye)
Flashes that are yellow and purple that come and go around my field of vision.
Double vision.
Zig-zag lines.
Everything that is black looks purple and white looks either yellow or pink.
Decreased night vision.
It seems like my eyes are sensitive to light.
Brown rings that just started forming around both my eyes.

Tingling in hands and feet sometimes.
Decreased feeling in my hands. They don't exactly feel numb but they don't feel like they used to.
Fatigue. I feel weak most of the time.
Always feeling like I'm in dream. (derealization)
Sometimes my muscles feel sore, like I haven't stretched them in a while.
My muscles feel extremly sore (episodes of 2-3 days) after any kind of extreme physical aspects. Mainly in my thighs.
Dizziness. (Not as severe as I have been having, but still get dizzy sometimes)
Sometimes parts of my body twitch/jump but not severe.
Sometimes I get a burning sensation in different parts of my body.
And then sometimes I feel as if I am going to pass out if I stand too long.

Trouble concentrating.
Confusion-always having to remind myself of what I am doing and where I am.
I feel Crazy!

No fevers.

My neuro also said that I have hyper-active reflexes. He sent me for a EMG and found I have right superficial peroneal nerve damage to my right leg. He wasn't sure of the cause and is sending me another doctor who deals with that. The only suggestion my neuro gave me is he though it could be due to LEAD poisoning, or Lyme's disease.

My whole body feels crazy at night sometimes, the tingling is so severe, I feel it everywhere. Some nights are ok and then others are bad. Like how people who have Restless Leg Syndrome feel, but all over.

No changes in weight but I do feel like I have gained weight from not doing as much as before.

I have been to the ER about 5 times because of how sick I've felt. They did an EKG, chest X-ray, and whatever blood work they do and didn't find anything. Also a urine culture. I also have gotten some blood and urine samples done from my doctor checking for any signs of diabetes or thyroid problems. Also lupus and auto-immune diseases. My blood work came back fine. I also had an MRI that was negative as well. CT scan was fine too.

I have also been to an ophthalmologist 2 times who has told me he can not see anything wrong from his perspective.

I also suffer from high Blood Pressure and have so since I was about 18. I am actually seeing a doctor now who is having me get a kidney ultrasound, stress test, and echo-doppler to see if they are any contributing causes to it.

I have noticed over the last couple months that after I eat my heart races. Usually around 80-110 beats per minute. The blood pressure pill that I am currently on helps that.

This is what gets me, is when I went to the doctor everytime my heart was pounding, she kept telling me it was anxiety. But it was weird because after everytime I ate my heart POUNDED. She still said it was anxiety and wrote me off. I finally went to another doctor who found out my blood pressure was high and put me on some medication. My heart pounding was what was giving me the anxiety. I wish I would have known that when she almost sent me to the psych ward.

I think I should ask this new doctor if I could get tested for Lymes. I thought it was MS but the MRI didn't show any signs of it, nor did my blood work.

IF anyone could possibly think of what could this all mean please let me know. I know I don't know exactly whats wrong with me yet until they figure it out but I really do feel like this is all due to something that is terrible. Thanks.

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