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I simply can't get a real diagnosis

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  • Posted By: Misericordia
  • September 28, 2008
  • 07:42 PM

If anyone can help it would be most appreciated.

I am thirty two and I have had body joint pain for years. I was diagnosed with Fibro at twenty as well as given a diagnosis of herniated discs and stenosis etc. about four years ago.
BUT that is only part of the problem.

I am suffering from chronic chest pain. It started two years ago. It hurts behind my breast bone and right below it. The pain will radiate into the left arm and jaw. Sometimes it goes into both. The pain also throbs between my shoulder blades. The left side of my chest hurts the most and I have spent some days shaking my hand just to get some relief because of the pain running from my chest down my arm to my hand. I also get intense pain UNDER my left breast and down behind my ribs that will cause you to cry out over and over again when it goes from burning to spasming.

Sometimes the pain can be crushing other times it just burns and throbs and sometimes it feels like my whole chest is sore...as if I had bronchitis and coughed until I made everything sore. Sometimes it burns and spasms.

I often feel as if I have a lump in my throat...or food or something has *swelled* inside. It will also feel like my stomach is trying to come out of my mouth. Even my ears hurt and feel infected with this sometimes.
There is a lot of pressure in my head and prickly feelings in my forehead when this is at it's worst or right after I eat something, I spend a lot of money on cough drops because of this.
I can not cough or bend over without suffering horribly. I will be in misery for days if I do that or strain to do most things. Straining to defecate or urinate is out of the question as well. It will make my whole chest and diaphragm and arm and jaw hurt.

I also suffer when the chest pain is REALLY bad from these *bouts* of sinus rhythm tachycardia and PVC's that are made worse by any sort of chest strain or pressure or "chest jarring". They are also made worse by eating. I can throw PVC's just from swallowing.
I have seen a cardiologist and physiologist who says my heart is fine but will beat fast and skip beats for reasons they can't explain.
I have had a stress test and a angiogram test and several EKGs. I have even wore a halter monitor. I have had attacks that felt exactly like the way a heart attack is described.
Some have been so severe I urinated on myself a little from the pain.:(
(My heart rate has gone up to 150 and my pressure 180-109)

When I was a child they diagnosed me with hyper-mobility disorder and heartburn-reflux and a spastic duodenal bulb.

I went to see a gastroenterologist a few years ago but all they found was the reflux and IBS I have suffered from for years. I take nexium for one and a lot of fiber for the other. They also found a hiatial hernia and a little gastritis.

When the attacks and pain are at their worst I suffer horrible constipation....I don't know if that is significant or not. I also become weak and shaky.

This pain and physical limitations and heart palpitations have taken over my life. I can't get any relief. I am miserable and I don't respond well to any beta-blockers or any other stomach medication other than nexium...even then I still get reflux...just without as much acid in it.

Just hiccuping can send my chest pain into a spin for days..... I use to suffer nausea and vomiting and now luckily it is just nausea. I have vomited once in the past four months and I like to have passed out from the pain.

I also can't get a good breath for what seems like days when the pain and *fullness* are acting up. It feels like I have my stomach shoving into my lungs and like my stomach is going to come out of my mouth if I breath too hard or deep.

Does anyone have ANY idea?

I have okay cortisol and blood cell levels. I also have okay thyroid levels.
BUT my protein levels are rather low. As in all of them are low. And I have changed my eating habits greatly...I now eat healthier than I ever have. I eat lots of beans for example.

Another thing. When my chest and stomach pain are at their worst... I puree all of my food so I can swallow it. This helps some.

Can anyone help?

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