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I Need An Answer Please 911 !

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  • Posted By: ashcelestliz
  • May 6, 2008
  • 05:54 AM

I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who is having some strange symptoms. I have taken her to the ER, 2 pediatricians and another family doctor and no one can tell me what is wrong with her! About a month and a half ago she was staying at my mother's house for a few days and they called me to tell me that she was running a fever or 104. This is not something to typically get overly worried about but that was the temperature after taking Tylenol and Motrin. I meet them and take her to a immediclinic and her fever is heading to 105 with medicine so they sent her to the ER for blood work, urine tests and the whole work-up. They told me that one of her ears looked a little pink and sent her home with antibiotics and that was that.

Three or four days later she started having the same symptoms, a high fever of 103 and she complained about her legs (which I thought might have been growing pains) and her pee-pee which was a little red. I took her to her pediatrician and they ran the same tests that the hospital did and said their is nothing wrong we just think she's having some allergy problems b/c at this time her nose was running.

I took her home and closely monitored her fever with Tylenol and Motrin until she was out of the woods. Once again about 1 week later THE SAME THING! So once again back to the pediatrician and no new answers except that "her ear looks a little pink, but it's probably b/c she's screaming after the second catherization!" So no help and no answers. At this point I take her to a new pediatrician and he runs the SAME tests with no real answers. The only difference was that he said their "might" be something in her urine (which she occasionally tells me that it hurts down there) so I get a glimpse of hope of what might be wrong but NO nothing is coming up.

So last night (1 week later) she gets the high fever of 103 and whining and wanting mommy to snuggle and hold her. No real solid complaint as I ask her where it's hurting. "My legs, my foot, my toe, my belly...etc." so I monitor her with the medicine and keep the fever under control. This is where it changes...tonight I had to go to the store and of course having no one to watch her I take her with me. My aunt went with me to help with the carts and before her next dose of medicine was due, her fever shoots up within minutes, you can feel and see the changes. She is sooo sad and hurting and runny nose and coughing now. She tells me that her tongue hurts and it has a weird white sore on it (which I assumed she must have bit it) and I rush to get out of the store. I put her in the car and started to drive off when she started to vomit. She was burning hot so fast and kind of out of it. I held her and had my aunt drive us home in a rush. I got her home and gave her some medicine, taking her temperature and find out my thermometer only goes up to 104.9 and she's clearly hotter than that. I ran her into the bathroom and had to put her into a luke warm bath, washed her off with apple cider vinegar and got her temp down ASAP! After about 30 minutes it went down to 101 and she was so sleepy. I got her out and into bed and it came down more thank heavens. After the rush was over I called my friend who lives 2 houses down with 2 little boys and we were talking about what could be wrong with her. Just in passing she tells me that she is going to have to take one of her sons to the doctor b/c he has some weird bumps appearing on his tongue. I'm not sure if they look similar or have nothing in common but he has a fever today as well. The only thing different is my daughter has been going through the motions and pain of this for nearly 2 months.

PLEASE HELP me to figure out what might be going on with my baby. I have her scheduled in with an infectious disease doctor on Wednesday b/c no one around here can help her feel better or tell us whats wrong with her. At this point their is no reason to take her back to the ER or docs b/c they do the same things, no answers and she feels worse once she's been there so I'm keeping her at home and taking care of the fever myself. Please Please let me know ANYTHING that might help.

Thanks in advance,

A VERY worried mommy!

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