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I Have No Idea What's Wrong

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  • Posted By: Mattingly
  • September 3, 2008
  • 04:48 AM

About a month and a half ago I started feeling very odd about midday. I was seeing... blobs... floating around my vision - areas where I simply couldn't see. I passed it off, but about an hour later my left leg started to go numb, and I started suffering from speech recall issues (IE, I couldn't finish sentences). I was taken to a hospital, where I developed a fever. I was given two different CT scans and an MRI, all of which apparently showed nothing.

By the following morning, my fever had broken and I was feeling a lot better, although I still had some recall issues. The doctors planned to do a lumbar puncture to rule out menengitis, but the specialist needed to perform that wasn't in that day, and long-story short I was released because my symptoms had vanished. The doctors surmised that I had been suffering from encephilitis, but we never found out what it was conclusively.

About a week later, I suffered another attack. There were similar symptoms (numbness alternating on both sides of my body, speech recall issues, etc), but it went away much more quickly, and I did not go to the hospital.

Although shaky, I was fine for the next two or so weeks, but about two weeks ago I began feeling almost light headed. I feel slightly dizzy (the room is not spinning, I just feel a bit off balance), but my symptoms are difficult to describe. The dizziness is constant, if not always as powerful. Slight movements can make me feel like I'm on the verge of collapse, but I never do. Lately I have been feeling a lot of nausea, too, and tonight it got so bad that I threw up.

I'm only 26 years old, and aside from a bit of asthma, I've never had any serious medical problems like this in my life. I don't have insurance anymore, and cannot go back to the hospital. I am seriously worried that whatever is wrong with me is getting worse, but my mother - an RN - is convinced that if brain cancer or a tumor or something else horrible didn't show up on the three different scans I had done, that nothing too terribly serious can be wrong with me. However, my problems seem to be getting worse on a daily basis, and I'm starting to feel a little desperate. Does any of this sound at all familiar to anyone? I am desperate for a diagnosis.


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