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I have extreme anxiety. Paranoind about cancer due to possible interstitial cystitis

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  • Posted By: CraigBond
  • November 21, 2008
  • 08:19 AM

Okay, I have a number of things plaguing my mind right now:

*Experiencing symptoms of epididymitis. I have had a discomfort and tenderness in my right testicle for over a year. There isn't any strong pain, but I am left on occasion with an ache in the chest, as if kicked in the groin. Seems like that's possibly psychological, as I only feel that way if I'm aware of any pain. The symptoms seem to come and go, and can last a few weeks or up to a month. I'm told this might have been brought on by a masturbation habit, where I'm excessively touching that particular side. Since I've refrained from doing that, I've noticed an improvement, but it's hard to say if this is a result of my actions or simply the condition temporarily going away. I've been diagnosed with epididymitis before, but no medication/antibiotic has worked in the past. Due to complete lack of competence in my hospital, I've never been able to get a direct referral to a urologist, hence I've never had an ultrasound or any advanced screening. I have been told before by a few doctors that have felt around that so far it appears to be nothing serious. This has been coming and going for well over a year now, but so far since I've changed my "habits", I haven't noticed any actual pain or discomfort worth noting.

*Frequent urination and nocturia. Started happening about 3 weeks ago.

*Radiating discomfort in the penis, pelvis, legs, and other areas below the belt. No severe pain or anything painful, but uncomfortable enough to be considered irregular. This started happening last week.

*Possibly unrelated: Small cyst (what I assume to be a cyst based on the appearance and palpable consistency) on the shaft of the penis. It's very unusual because it is only visible whenever I have an erection, and even then it's not always there. It's almost as if it vanishes and comes back. I'm told this can happen with cysts (confirm/deny?), but it seems really unusual. It isn't painful/uncomfortable, except whenever pressure is applied or it's "moved" around. I've had this for a long time, maybe about a year, but it hasn't seemed noteworthy until everything else came up due to the seemingly harmless nature of the cyst.

So far, interstitial cystitis explains all of the urological symptoms. I've been told by family that it's just anxiety and I'm probably overreacting. It's hard to look at the situation with a cool perspective because I'm a 19 year-old virgin, and the prospect of cancer and/or the amputation of any sexual organ is the most terrifying thing to me, especially since that would mean a life without sex.

I realize I'm probably ranting at this point and I apologize, but everything I'm experiencing right now has me in a constant state of distress. Not because of any outrageous or unbearable pain, but simply the fear of the unknown.

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