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I feel really sick, but my blood work is fine? HELP!

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  • Posted By: SkullyKat8604
  • December 5, 2009
  • 07:53 PM

Okay, I am 23 years old, almost 24. A little over two months ago I was completly fineeee. I was working out, drinking my morning coffee, smoking my cigs, and had alot of energy. Then like bam the first week in October I started feeling sick, I was getting dizzy when standing to the point of fainting, and got a sore throat. I had it for two weeks, until my boyfriend made me go to the ER for the fainting. They said I had orthostatic hypotension from dehydration, though I dont know how I was dehydrated? They did blood work and said it was fine and to drink more. So, I started drinking more then I was, but nothing got better. Instead I developed weird white painful lines along the insides of my cheeks. They hurt like ***l, but werent open sores, I had never seen them before. So, I went to my primary doctor, she said it was probably a viral infection. She said it would go away in a week, and if not to call her. So, I did call her, when I got other symptoms and the weird lines had disapeared. My new symptoms were horrid nausea, vomiting spells, pain in my upper right stomach, dizziness to the point of buzzing in my ears and hearing loss, severe knee aches, itchey skin at night, and chronic fatigue. She said she didnt know what it could be, except a nutritional defeciet. Well, it got worse. I could no longer drink coffee, barely shower, barely get dressed, going anywhere was awful, because I always feel like I am going to puke. So, I went to another ER. This doctor tells me I never had a viral infection, and that the thing that was in my mouth was probably from lack of vitamin C. He said all my labs were fine. My vitamins were fine on my lab panel and my electrolytes, but this doc said I was dehydrated also? Which I still dont get. Well last Monday, I got more pressure in my upper stomach and spasms, I told my boyfriend and he said that something had to be wrong to be making me so sick for so long. (I have been like bed-ridden). So, he took me back to the first ER. The Doc there said I had Hypothyrodism, which I thought was the answer, and he did a catscan of my stomach and said it was fine. He said to go to your primary doc and get started on thyroid meds. Sooo, I just went to her a few days ago, and she got those labs faxed to her office and said my thyroid was a tiny bit low, not enough to do anything, so she retested it, and the levels all came back normal! So, I was given a false diagnosis. My symptoms arent getting any better, and to make it worse, I caught a terrible head cold from being in all those docotors offices! I feel the worst physically then I have in my entire life. ***l I felt better when I had pneumonia. I can understand why the doctors think I am nuts, if there is something wrong, it always shows up on a bloodtest, especially if you have had like four done in the past two months. I know I am not making this up though. I have been getting really sad, because I have missed halloween, thanksgiving, my boyfriends birthday party, I cant pack to move into my new apartment, I cant even do my own laundry. Is there anything that could be making me this sick, that wouldnt show up on a blood panel? If anyone has any answers I would love to hear them, I am on the brink of going insane.

Tired of being sick.

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