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I feel like my body is being attacked!

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  • Posted By: pnut 26
  • September 21, 2009
  • 03:33 PM

I have had difficulty with my health as long as I can remember however within the last few years things have gotten a lot worse. I have seen many specialists and they are starting to think I am just a nut, but that is not the case. I know when something is wrong with my body, anyone out there does, even an infant who is unable to produce words. I believe my health issue started from age 4, where I experienced horrendous knee pains, so bad I wouldn't sleep at night, my mother would do anything she could but nothing helped, Doctors told her I was experiencing growing pains. I was diagosed with a hypo thyroid, hashimotos disease, and thyroid cancer between the ages of 6-8. Through my younger years infant and up I was always sick anytime a bug was around I was sure to have it, still this way today. Nothing has changed from my younger years except for the worse. Just within the last 4 years I started noticing an array of symtoms which I still struggle with today. My knee pain, doctors threw off as growing pains still disable me, I cannot even make it up a flight of stairs with out almost being in tears, trust me it really is that bad. Yet they still argue it is growing pains but i am 20 years old and have not grown since I was 15! I started getting dizzzy spells and vertigo around the age of 15-16 and again doctors pushed it off and tried telling me I was anorexic, I was roughly 120lbs and ate regulary! I then started noticing numbness and tingling in my elbows down to my wrist, which led thm to belive possible carpal tunnel, but I tested negative. The numbness and tingling then began in my legs, doctors say nothing everytime I bring up the issue. My mother was the one to point out my next symtom which is my hands. They turn gray to almost black at times, most people who see this which is everyone I know will say they look dead and its true they do. The problem is it happens all the time whether im hot, cold, stressed, happy, anytime. I have brought the issue up to doctors and they just stare at me and never even said what it could be or even gave me a sign that its nothing to worry about. I then started getting more joint pains including my wrists elbows, shoulders, hips, ankles, even my fingers, and jaw. I was sent to a rhematoid specialists who ordered a bone scan. EVERY SINGLE PLACE I COMPLAINED ABOUT "lit up" and guess what, again no words from any of my doctors. what does this mean when bones light up anyone know??! I then started having trouble with my nervouse system such as: tremors in hands ( i look like an elderly person with parkinsons disease), constant itching all over my body, electrical shock sensations, and still the numbness and tingling. My muscles are also going haywire, I am not able to stay in a one position for any given time, I cannot keep a fist or sit on a leg or anything because my muscle stiffen to the point it takes all my pain tolerance to move. I cannot sleep at night. I am falling desperately behind in college, I cannot even write papers anymore. My lack of concentration, and this disability I started where I cannot get the words from my brain to process to the paper. I am so affraid to talk to people I do not know and I use to be so outgoing however when i talk I constantly mix my words up sometimes so badly what comes out sounds like jibberish. I have problems with my vision field where i see these dots all day everyday, a doctor told me "youll grow out of it" when i go from being in the sunlight into my house my vision blackens for seconds and comes back. I expeirence blurry, double vision and have trouble focusing on words. I suffer from migraines, and am on medication for them. I also was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, because everytime I eat no matter what i eat my stomache cramps to the point im bent over crying, and then I get diareha. I am constantly bloated i mean huge, the size of a woman who is about 6 months prgnant at least. it is very embarrassing. I also was told I have overactive bladder syndrome and am on a gel for that, but why am I facing these problems what is causing all thi. I am 20 and my doctor a urologist specialist tells me "i have never seen anyone so young with overactive bladder" so why didnt he investigate. I have acid reflux which im also on medicine for and trouble swallowing likely from the acid reflux. I experience the worst abdominal pains they hit suddenly and disapate within minuets. Someone out there please shine some light on me. I have been suffering for so long and doctors just do not have faith in what I am saying nor do I have any faith left for doctors. If you can help or relate please let me know I am a 20 year old female, and I am at the point where I could be told anything is wrong with me and I would not care, so long as I know what it is causing my body to act the way it is. can anyone heelp?!? PLease.

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