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  • Posted By: Dreanicole
  • May 17, 2008
  • 02:33 AM

I'm a 17 year old female, pretty normal weight - size 4. I've dealt with medical problems for practically my whole life, but in recent years, they have just been escalading. I am now to the point of taking at least 8 pills a day, with no relief.

When I was young - like ages 2-4, maybe - I had a lot of ear infections. I also wet my pants often until the age 7 or 8. I was found to have chronic urinary tract infections and ureteral reflux. The urologist figured I would "grow out of it". Around the age of 9 or 10, I was diagnosed with costochondritis - my heart rate would increase.

At a check-up before I began middle school, I mentioned to my doctor that I was always cold and tired andI thought I might have iron-deficiency anemia. A CBC was drawn and the diagnosis was confirmed.

Toward the end of that school year, when I was 13, I began having back and neck pain and stiffness. I went to a chiropractor a lot. To this day, my back hurts daily and I pop my own neck several times a day (bad habit).

When I was 14, I developed an eating disorder (EDNOS - basically anorexia without the 15% below normal weight). This hit me hard for about half a year. Around the same time, I was missing a lot of school because I was constantly sick with sinus infections. I also had CONSTANT sore throats, and doctors mentioned that I could have acid reflux - although it has never really been diagnosed. I still have a sore throat sometimes, but it's not as often as it was, and I've grown used to it.

Since then, I've had recurrant UTI's -- more and more frequently. I also have migranes. I've been severely anemic for 5 years now; Iron supplements only put me on the very very low side of "normal". My internist also found out 3 months ago that I have a huge deficiency of vitamin D. He told me I have fibromyalgia, although this doesn't even BEGIN to cover my vast array of symptoms. He also didn't preform the diagnostics needed to confirm a positive diagnosis.

All in all, my symptoms include: fatigue, feeling of being cold nearly all the time, anemia, low vitamin D level, low cholesterol (my doctor actually told me to incorporate MORE cholesterol into my diet), UTIs, hernias, muscle weakness and soreness, dizziness - and as of yesterday - fainting, sore throat, decreasing vision and vision spots, bone pain, headaches, weight loss (I'm not sure how much, but I used to be a larger size 6 to an 8 and now I'm about a 4), random muscle twitches, slightly elevated ANA, joint pain...

That's all I can think of currently, but some of my symptoms come and ago, and some days I feel better than others. All I know is that something must be causing all of this and I'm sick of being tired and tired of being sick. If you have any suggestions or can help in ANY way, please talk to me... I can't deal with this anymore. Thank you.

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