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  • Posted By: brittsweets
  • December 19, 2008
  • 10:11 PM

I am a 23 year old female. I started my period when I was 13 years old, but it has been irregular since I first got it. The only time I have a regular period is when I'm on birth control. I will sometimes go months at a time without one (I just went from early June to mid November without a period, I had both blood and urine pregnancy tests done and both were negative). I have taken pregnancy tests and have ruled that out for sure. I also gained about 50 pounds in a year (during that year my fiance and I were extremely poor so I wasn't eating very much and for half of that year--when I put on the majority of the weight--we didn't have a car so we were having to walk to work and anywhere we had to go). I also have developed these awful, deep purple stretchmarks around my belly button, some on my inner thighs, near my breasts and on the inner part of my arm near my armpit. My stomach is now distended and that's pretty much the only place I've really put on weight. My legs and my arms are still about the same size, maybe slightly bigger.

I had an outbreak of vasculitis when I was about 2 months from my 21st birthday. They thought it might have been an allergic reaction to amoxicillin, but were never sure so they told me to list it as an allergy just in case. When I was diagnosed with the vasculitis they told me I have an overactive immune system. I also have a lot of allergies (seasonal and animal mostly). I still get small outbreaks of vasculitis. I noticed they usually occured when I drank alcohol so I stopped drinking for the most part. I would get the vasculitis spots (they looked more like the Henoch-Schonlein purpura type of vasculitis) randomly as well. For example, I had hit myself with a plastic cart in the ankle at work and instead of getting a normal bruise it looked exactly like a vasculitis spot. I went to a doctor about it and she just happened to check my thyroid and told me it was enlarged.

My mom is an RN and also noticed that I have developed a "buffalo hump." I used to have excellent posture, but since the weight gain my posture has gone downhill. She suspects that I might have Cushing's Syndrome.

I have a rare kidney disease known as IgM Nephropathy. Most doctors and medical professionals have never heard of it before. Supposedly it's benign but there really isn't enough information or research to know exactly what the effects and symptoms are. I was diagnosed when I was 10 years old with a needle kidney biopsy.

I've also had bloodwork done recently, as well as an ultrasound. They mentioned something about me having a "fatty" liver, but otherwise the ultrasound was normal. They did a liver function test, a kidney function test a complete blood count and a thyroid function test. My kidney and thyroid function tests came out fine (my thyroid test was more on the high side of normal). My white cells and my red cells were at the high end of normal (almost too high, but still in the "normal" range) and my lipase was low. I had elevated levels of ALT and AST in my liver function test (somewhat well above the high end of the normal range). Sometimes I have high blood pressure, but usually I have normal blood pressure.

I also have abdominal pain right below my sternum (when pressed on) as well as where my kidneys are in my back and stomach (mainly when touched or pressed on). Sometimes my stomach will be really bloated (not always after eating) and I'm always tired. I also tend to bruise pretty easily. I know this is a lot to take in but I'm sick of being looked at as some young stupid kid that drinks too much or whatever (I rarely drink anymore at all) or is just imagining it. Any suggestions from anyone on what might be wrong or what kind of testing I should go through? I don't know if it's one thing causing all these problems or numerous things. Please help! Sorry I wrote an essay, but I'm getting so frustrated. :(

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