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I cant deal with this anymore, i want to die PLEASE help

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  • Posted By: Doesn't Make Sense
  • November 28, 2008
  • 11:50 PM

hi, in 16. But i feel like i just want to die.... heres the symptoms
(this is going to be a very long post)

Keep in mind these symptoms have been getting worse over only 2 and a half years. its scary how all these symptoms have appeared so fast

- Heart palpatations (shown arrhythmia in EKG and other heart tests)

- Strange skin rashes that come out of nowhere. but disappear in minutes, or seconds

- Sudden swelling, that is extreme. an example is when my wrist got so swollen that i couldnt move my hand.

- EXTREME leg pain. i always say this to my parents and they think the pain is like i hit it off a wall or something. no. it is VERY bad. mostly in the thigh, very bad pain in the knee when bent. calf muscle burning pain, ankle soreness and foot numbness

- Thrush on the tongue that does not go away despite going on anti-biotic mouthwash for weeks, scrubbing it off with a toothbrush, EVERYTHING has failed

- Bad infections that keep poping up. i have actually been off school the last 2 weeks due to a bad throat infection (which came up shortly after a sinus infection)

- Sleep problems. i CANNOT fall asleep to save my life. i always feel exhausted but when i try to go to sleep i just cant. no matter what i do i cannot get to sleep until i get just so exhausted that i pass out. AND i dont have refreshing sleep. i slept for 12 hours straight before and woke up exhausted. (all things ive tried to help my get to sleep has failed)

- Getting very dizzy upon standing up for about 30 sec to a minute. also during these dizzy spells i see flashing lights

- Spiking fever randomly even if i dont have an infection (highest it got was 102 and lasted for about a day. the doctor i saw at the walk in did not see any evidence of throat infection ect)

- Long term memory loss and Short term memory loss. like if a teacher describes what i have to do for a project i will forget it very shortly after or if i study for a test i wont remember a thing

- Rectal bleeding. it has only happened once (it actually happened just yesterday)

- Stomach problems. stomach pain and feeling like im going to throw up

- Weird eating patterns, for months ill feel like i wanna eat everything in sight, then for months i wont eat anything.

- Exessive salt use. i put salt on everything because i always seem to have some type of craving for it.

Tests Done -


-Blood test for Lime Disease-x4

-Stool sample checking for parasites.

- Blood test for Lupus

- Cardiac heart moniter-x4 one was worn for 12 hours, then 24 hours then a week then 2 weeks and then for 3 weeks (all those over the course of 2 and a half years)

- EKG and Ultrasound of the heart. (2 ultrasounds)

- Chest x-rays, leg x-rays and arm x-rays

- Blood tests checking blood glucos ect
(and probably more. but ive had so much done i cant possibly remember it all)

ALL tests have been NEGATIVE

im sure theres more that ive missed because i have so many symptoms. ill edit when i remember.

so can ANYBODY help me? please i just need an answer, im on my last nerve and i dont know what to do anymore, doctors cant find anything..... im desperate for an answer.

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