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I'm getting very worried!! Please help I'm 15 and have A LOT of symptoms!!

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  • Posted By: caligirl218
  • December 28, 2008
  • 08:38 AM

The last couple of weeks I have had some problems. I don't know if any of these things are related to each other or if I have had these problems for awhile but I am just noticing them now because of other symptoms I have.

I don't know if this is of any importance but I am a 15(almost 16) year old female and I am not sexually active. I am overweight though, I'm about 5' 1" and 165 pounds.

OK So here are my symptoms..or problems

-I have been having less bowel movements(Maybe one a day) and when I do have a bowel movement is is usually a small bowel movement. I'm pretty sure this is just constipation but I don't know if this has any relation to my other symptoms

-I have a very minor sharp pain in my abdomen, Where my Mom says my ovaries are.

-I have a lump on my jaw near my ear on the right side of my face. I don't know if its just a knot or if it has something to do with lymph nodes but I've just notices it about...I would say a week or 2 ago. and It can be somewhat painful sometimes..Usually when I'm leaning on it or if I'm touching it.

-I've been eating less, But this is by my own choosing because I'm trying to lose weight. But I know the way I'm trying to lose weight is unhealthy. I'm eating very little because I'm trying not to have over 1200 calories, Which probably seems OK but I don't eat breakfast and usually my first real meal is dinner and I only have smaller snacks throughout the day.

-I've been drinking less. But this is just because I forget to get something to drink. But I rarely drink water because I don't really like it, I usually have kool-aid because my family is broke and kool-aid is cheaper than soda

Today (Dec 17th) I have been urinating more than usual..It seems as if I urinate every couple of hours, but I don't think I really starting urinating more until the mid afternoon. And so far it doesn't burn when I urinate.

-I have a cold sore on the inside of my mouth on the right side. I do get cold sores a lot though but this one made me worry more than usual just because it was on the same side as the lump/knot on my chin so I didn't know if they were somehow related.

-On the inside of my mouth on the right side of my cheek there is a very small bump underneath the skin..It is a bit tender but It seems like it is going away

-Today(Dec 17th) I was a little dizzy. But it seems like my dizziness has gone away but I thought I would mention it.

-I sleep weird hours. I usually go to bed at like 4 am and don't get up till 11 or 12. Don't worry I am not missing any school because of my weird sleeping pattern, I'm home schooled.

-I've always had really dry skin, but I feel like lately its more dry than usual..I could just be paranoid because of all my other symptoms but I thought I would mention this also in case it could be of any importance.

-My left shoulder blade has been hurting. I'm sure its just because I've been sleeping on it weird or something but once again I thought I would mention it.

-And I sometimes get little pains in my stomach almost like when you have a stomach ache but I never have to go to the bathroom whenever I have these pains..And the pain isn't that bad.

So if you have any idea what could be cause any or all of these symptoms can someone please let me know. I'm getting very worried because they all seemed to start when I started this diet which was also about the same time I got the lump on my chin..So I'm very confused! I know I should go see a doctor but I was trying to wait and see if these symptoms would pass and so far they haven't. My Mom doesn't even know about all my symptoms..She knows about most of them but she doesn't know about my frequent urination or my less frequent bowel movements. I told her about my abdominal pain but she said "You are probably ovulating and going to start your period very soon" I feel she might think differently if she knew about all of my symptoms. So please help and Thank You in advance for any information you may be able to provide!

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