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I'm 20, but I feel like I'm 80!

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  • Posted By: Morganio
  • July 6, 2009
  • 06:21 PM

As my title says...I'm a 20 year-old who feels like they're 80.

So I have a laundry list of symptoms...I don't know if they're all connected, but treating them individually is getting me nowhere, so here we go.
It all started with achilles tendonitis. My Mom had gotten this early the same year, so I started treatment right away. 2 years later, after acupuncture, ART, physio, NSAID's etc. it still has not gone away. It will "seem" to go away, for anywhere from a week to two months, but then it'll be back. I also have had shin splints. They follow a similar cycle to the achilles tendonitis, except that I got them 6 months later, and when they came back in October of '08, the didn't go away. I did physio for the shin splints, as well as the achilles tendonitis.

So I've had shin splints for 9 months so far- no stress fractures, compartment syndrome or anything. I also have excessive fatigue, and day-time sleepiness (this came up really suddenly two years ago- same time as the tendonitis). It's not so bad that I can't go to work/school, but I have to plan my day around activities to keep me awake, and I can sleep 18+ hours and still be exhausted. I'm also cold all the time- much colder than everyone around me. In fact- the Christmas after everything started, I spent my holidays sleeping something like 19-20 hours a day, and being freezing cold the whole time.

I also get this weird sunburn-like neckrash that comes and goes. It goes all the way around my neck, and when it's really bad, it goes bright red and burns!

About 4/5 months ago, things started getting worse. I got heel pain (like plantar fascitis), and I would wake up and feel like I had sprained my ankle, when I hadn't done anything to it. And my shin splints were worse than ever. When I went hiking, I would come back with all my joints stiff and aching- more similar to my 80 year-old grandmother than even my parents! And I developed jaw pain (almost like TMJ), and I hurt my back just bending down to pick up a piece of paper!

I started getting tingling/pins and needles in my lower legs, face and arms. Now, I have tingling almost everywhere, although it is still worst in my face, legs and arms. Sometimes it is so strong it is painful. I also have muscle twitches- not enough that my whole limb moves, but enough that you can see the muscle moving (and feel it if you put your hand on it).

Finallly- I've also been having problems with my eyes. I had two weeks of excruciating headaches - I got an eye exam, and they could find nothing. After that, I started having trouble reading- big paragraphs tend to blur together, and I have difficulty reading long numbers, or codes. I have difficulty focusing on things to the side of my vision. I sometimes feel as if I have gone blind in one eye- it is like that eye has "turned off". When I close my other eye, I can still see, though, so I haven't actually gone blind. And this can happen in both eyes. Oh- and I see floaters all the time- so much so that I get distracted/ think they are bugs.

I've been tested for RA, Lupus, Thyroid problems, diabetes/blood sugar problems, and vitamin deficiencies. It's all come up normal. I saw a sports medicine doctor for the shin splints, and he ruled out the compartment syndrome/stress fractures and has told me to try physio again, and come back in two months. My doctor thinks that nothing is wrong with me- he just tells me to take NSAIDs and go away. But I feel like something has to be wrong! Does anyone here have any ideas??

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