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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 9, 2008
  • 04:10 AM

(19 year old female)
Early last November I started to feel uncomfortably full after what was only a semi-large meal for me. Then one day I just didn't get hungry for dinner. For about ten days my stomach could only stand a few hundred calories a day at the most or I would feel so full I felt sick. Some foods were easier to eat than others. For example, I could eat a small amount of bread or crackers but one hard boiled egg made me feel ridiculously full. Spicy and oily things made it worse, but not salty food. I did not feel hunger in my stomach, even after testing it with a 24 hour fast. I did get cold, lightheaded, and tired from lack of food though. After the ten days I went to Student Health on my college campus and was told I had hyperacidity. The nurse prescribed Zantac, which seemed to be responsible for my stomach tolerating a bit more food, but still did not make the hunger sensation in my stomach return. The Zantac apparently made me feel hungry in my throat instead, and I still experience this. (This sounds really weird, I know. One GI suggested it might be a muscle spasm.) Then I was put on Prilosec with no effect and then prescription strength Pepcid with no effect. I had an upper endoscopy and everything was normal. Then on March 11th I started having bloody stool, some pencil-thin stool, and occasionally green or white mucus, in addition to constipation which I'd had since November. (When the blood, etc. started, I stopped taking acid suppressors.) I had a colonoscopy in late March and the Gastroenterologist found a 2 cm lesion at 10 cm. He removed half of it for biopsy and they said it was a lymphoid polyp. I have an abdominal/pelvic CT scan scheduled in order to check for lymphoma, but if the scan doesn't lead to a diagnosis, I will be at a bit of a loss. My GI doctor thinks my hunger issues are psychological, which is really frustrating to hear. (I enjoy food and it tastes good, etc.) I still can only tolerate a pretty small amount of food or I feel sick/full, and I have intermittent weakness and fatigue which seems to depend on how much I've eaten recently. (The weakness first started in January but has gotten much worse in the past two weeks--when it gets bad I can barely walk and I may or may not feel hunger in my throat). Also, maybe this is totally unrelated, but since early January my thirst has increased dramatically and seems "unquenchable." For example, it's about 9 pm my time and I've had water and herbal tea today totaling about 100 ounces, and I feel as thirsty as if I hadn't drunk anything all day. (By the way, I weigh about 105....that should be enough water, no?) I've had all the blood work that multiple doctors could come up with and everything has been normal. Any way you could help, I'd appreciate it.

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