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I am too young to feel this sick. Please help.

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  • Posted By: Demise
  • February 22, 2007
  • 10:39 AM

I have had quite a few medical problems, but many of them have never been diagnosed as anything. I've found ways to function, but sometimes functioning isn't enough to enjoy life.

Everything below has occurred since 2004 (except the mental and mood disorders which started at childhood.)

Basic information:
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Weight: 97lbs
Height: 5'4
Smoke: Yes
Drink: No

Diagnosed with:
Bipolar Disorder
Anxiety/Panic Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Worrier
Hair Follicle Disease

Past medical conditions:
Chronic Shingles (Herpes Zoster)
Chronic Gastritis
Chronic sinus infections

Current Medications:
Adderall XR 30MG (Once Daily)
Zelnorm 6MG (Once Daily)

(I'm not allergic to any medications, but if i take any kind of pain killer it seems to set off another case of Gastritis.)

Daily Symptoms:
Dizziness/ Dizzy spells (Almost every time i stand up from and laying position)
Unusual Weakness
Shortness of breath
Foot Pain (from standing any length of time)
Tenderness in stomach
Upset stomach (after i eat)
Upper Back Pain
Neck Pain
Hip (joint) Pain
Knee (joint) Pain

Reoccurring Symptoms:
Severe Constipation (1-2 weeks without a bowel movement)
Stomach pain/cramps
Random Muscle spasms
Random Muscle pains
Bleeding Gums

Tests and Procedures:
Upper and lower Scope
Biopsy (same time as the scopes)
Barium Study
Allergy Panel Test

Blood Tests:
H. Pylori
And other

(All tests came back normal except for a mild allergy to mold.)

Other Information:
Around the same time i started having these medical issues i became "allergic" to pot. (I know i shouldn't have been smoking pot, I'm very anti-drug now, but i was young and stupid.) I smoked pot a lot before that, but then out of no where i started getting severely nauseous, violently throwing up and would be sick for two or three days after if i even took one hit. This happened five times. The sixth time i attempted to smoke i collapsed and had an attack i can only describe as the scariest thing I've ever experienced. I was uncontrollably convulsing (for what length of time, i cannot remember) until i finally blacked out.
About 8 months ago i started getting extremely sick (the same way i did with pot, the nausea and vomiting that is) if i drank alcohol, so i stopped that as well.

I stopped eating meat four months ago, around the same time i started taking Zelnorm and most of my digestive problems became 65% better. I struggled with Anorexia for almost three years, during that time i dropped from 135lbs to 108lbs (with occasional fluctuations depending on medications i was trying.) Since i stopped eating meat my weight has dropped from 108lbs to 97lbs, and i am unable to gain weight back no matter how much i eat (...and as a result i obviously no longer have body image issues.) My original excitement about my sudden weight loss has turned into concern because it continues to drop slowly and I sometimes go through periods of time where i randomly become malnourished.

During the first year or so that i started to become constipated it was a constant problem. I tried everything from oral laxatives, suppositories and enemas to a high-fiber diet, magnesium citrate and finally an entirely organic diet. Since nothing was working i decided not to eat until i was too weak to stand, and i continued like that until i saw a gastroenterologist who prescribed me Zelnorm.

Constipation and the severe cramping i had in the past only occur occasionally now in some what milder forms (around five times a month) and are not my biggest concern. I am unable to function most of the time because of how tired and weak i feel. I had to quit my job, test out of high school and now I'm dreading going to college because I'm afraid I'll end up having to drop out.

If anyone has any information about what might be causing all this i would be forever grateful. I know some of this information might seem irrelevant, but i didn't want to leave anything out that might aid in finding an answer.
I apologize for the length of this post.

Thank you :)

.:: Demise ::.

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