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Hypothyroid and/or something else?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 14, 2008
  • 06:41 AM

I am: 20 years old Female I was diagnosed with: hypothyroidism (at 18yrs) Cat dander and dust mite allergies (at 15yrs) Medications per day: 85mg Synthroid 5mg Cytomel 1200 iu's Vitamin D (I was told to take by my endocrinologist to help my immune system) 1 multivitamin I also try and do cardio 3 times a week, and I eat a fairly healthy diet full of veggies/fruits. I've tried cutting out certain foods to see if I have food allergies...but nothing has worked thus far. Family History: Hashimito's Disease (thyroid autoimmune disease) I started having symptoms of low thyroid during my senior year of high school, and then I was tested and started treatment for low thyroid during my freshman year of college (18yrs old). My doctor told me I was getting sick a lot though because my low thyroid was causing my immune system to weaken, however, it hasn't gotten any better with taking thyroid or Vitamin D. In fact, I seem to be getting sicker with age. This year, since last February, I have had bronchitis 4 maybe 5 times, strep throat 2, and the flu 2 (the one year I didn't get my flu shot). I have had the common cold a few times as well. I never used to get this sick, but now it seems like I'm always coming down with something. I don't know anyone with low thyroid who gets sick this much. It seems a little out of control. I was thinking maybe I have primary immune deficiency disease? My symptoms: constipation diarrhea, especially around my period sensitive to food (stomach aches) sometimes nausea after meals, or if I don't eat right away when I'm hungry Frequent bronchitis fatigue frequent urination, but mostly during the night nystagmus (random jerking of the eyes, usually if I'm concentrating on something) Hard to treat yeast infections (mostly after I've taken antibiotics) excessive salivation at times restless feeling moments of anxiety depression (has gotten better with thyroid) low sex drive (has gotten a little bit better with thyroid) Mild weight gain Brain fog/inability to concentrate at times thinning of hair, thinning of lower eyebrows dry skin patches of exczema/ dermatitis on face constant heat rash on inner elbows, beneath arms allergies constant phlegm/saliva, I always feel like I need to hack up stuff and spit (even when I'm not sick) I just always seem to be sick with something. When I'm not sick I always feel fatigued or feel sick to my stomach (either nauseated, stomach ache, cramping, bloated etc). Some days I feel completely fine. I have been seeing an endocrinologist specialist in San Francisco for 2 years now but I am becoming really discouraged! My depression is gone for the most part, but I still get sick all the time and never feel that great. Am I going crazy, is this all from being hypothyroid or is something else going on here? I'm only 20! I shouldn't be feeling so sick all the time. Thanks!

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