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How did I go from UTI to Infertility?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 24, 2007
  • 04:47 PM

:confused: It’s now been over a year and I still don’t have any answers (I have posted here several times if you would like to read more).

Recently I had an appt with my gastro doctor, for giggles I brought my laparoscopy pictures from my Ob with me. After looking at them he immediately said that I have Endometriosis and Fitz Hugh Curtis Syndrome. This is the same gastro that did my EGD and Colonoscopy several weeks ago, around the same time as the laparoscopy. At that time he told me I have GERD and possibly a touch of IBS.
Back when the Laparoscopy was done the Ob said I had PID, possible endometriosis and numerous adhesions. At a later appt with the same Ob he back peddled on the PID as well as the Endometriosis and Fitz Hugh Curtis Syndrome, mostly due to the fact that they kept insisting on testing me for STDs and the results would come back negative.
After hearing what the Gastro doc said about the pictures it makes me wonder who to believe because I really don’t feel like the Ob is being honest with me and I’ve ran into this wall with three different doctors. All I know is it started as what I thought was a UTI the end of March 2006 and now I’m being referred to a fertility doctor. Hubby and I have had little too no sex whatsoever, so I don’t understand how thing’s seem to still be getting slowly worse. Every time I get one answer from a doctor that same doctor either changes their mind or another doctor tells me differently. Oddly enough, a few of the reports I’ve read for after the procedures have told me thing’s doctors never even mentioned to me.

After everything today I can still only eat once a day because I bloat so badly. I’m still having random bouts of gas, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, hiccups, burning with urination, irregular menstruation, hot flashes and anxiety. I get random shooting pains from my right hip area that go straight across my stomach or straight down towards the pelvic region. These often are enough to cause my butt to leave the seat. I have no sex drive whatsoever and the occasions it has happened it feels far from good. When I’m bloated/swollen it’s become very noticeable that my hips don’t line up anymore, which I believe is the cause for all the back pain, but not one doctor has checked my hips other than my family care doctor when I asked for an xray (which came back fine). Blood work never really shows much other than occasionally it has shown something regarding RBC sedimentation (whatever that means). I’ve tested negative for STDs… several times. I’ve even been told by one person that ALL of it’s due to disks in my back.

I’ve managed to get my weight back up to 97-98, which is what I usually weighed, but the doctors suddenly think I should weigh more even though I complain that’s it’s difficult just eating once a day because I don’t get hungry and when I do I bloat so badly it’s uncomfortable.

Has ANYONE gone through something similar? Any advice is welcome!! Thanks in advance!!

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  • I strongly urge you to read Endometriosis, A key to healing and fertility through nutrition. ALL of your symptoms can be attributed to endometriosis. *80%* of women with endo have an intolerance to wheat. You probably have endo on your bladder causing the IC. I would also suggest you join the ERC board and learn about excision surgery. Here's a link to them: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/erc/?yguid=78573132
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  • oops, the book's author is Dian Shepperson Mills
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  • Have you ever had a strep infection? Or pneumonia? Both can lead to infertility. It is a common misconception that infertility is only caused by STDs - including generalist OB/Gyns.
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  • Hi Your symptons are very similar to mines. If i eat 3 times a day or when i eat junk foods, i get bloated so badly, and normally i end up with some infection, i am not sure whether it is UTI or STI I can not differentiate them anymore. sex is one things i dont enjoy in my life because i know that it will come with pain and after wards infection even when me and hubby use condoms. about 3 weeks ago, i had a laposcope to remove the endometrios but still i have not felt any difference, i just landed up with another infection and i think it an UTI, I am seeing the doctor this afternoon. In my case, it seems like I get this infections almost every month or second month. i am so frustrated and no doctor has been able to figure out what really is wrong with me, and sometimes i feel scared thinking that maybe my hubby will find a girlfreind one day since he aint getting it at home. please help.
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