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Hi all Dr.s in these forum.. please, help me

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  • Posted By: unavena
  • April 25, 2008
  • 01:04 PM

First of all,
sorry for writing so much in detail , i am not english native speaker , its not easy to describe how i feel. I'd be so much thankful for any suggestion from you.

I am a 20-year old girl and I suffer CONSTANT fatigue and sore throat. I am really desperate for help.
I cannot function normally like this! I have energy for nothing, it makes me feel I am so useless. and I am so sad to visit my gp because I know he may think that there is nothing wrong with me and I am just lying.

-I have been tested many times but the blood (thyroid function, liver, glucose and few others - dont remember) showed I am healthy.
-I'm 5'7 and 60 kg, try to eat healthy diet and get some exercise every week.
-my temperature (after activity like walking) 37 C -37.5 and at rest 37 C.
-I feel lheart palpations or how to call it (feel my heart beat very well in my chest) but heart beat should be OK 85-90 pm.
so... everything seems ok... but

-I have sleeping problems - sometimes cannot sleep although Im tired, or usually wake up few times at night, or most of the mornings I wake up after a good amount of sleep (like 9 hours) and wanna sleep more!! and if i have time i sleep again - i dont have to wait fo it - i fall asleep immediately!... i can sleep 12-15 hourss a day, seriously (normally, i dont have time to do that.. but if i have free time,.. i sleep.
Somebody told me I feel tired because I sleep a lot.. but.. if i sleep lets say 8 hours a day per week, I just feel more tired! if i study at night i sleep twice as much the foollowing day.
Sometimes I wake up with bone(or muscle? -feels like bone) pain (arm, hand..). I get excesively tired few hours after taking exercise.
-> To sume it up - Usually I wake up and feel like rubbish. (pain, fatigue) and during the day I generally feel unwell, like having flu (sore throat, a bit runny nose) and having slightly high temperature. I feel weak.

-Occasionally I have problems with swallowing, like recently, but most of the times I have just a normal sore throat I feel like as if I have flu most of the times. I feel like my airways are stuffed with something and dont breath deeply. If I cough (which i do little) sometimes I can hear there is some mucus or what in my throat. often I have to spit out mucus or saliva or whatever it is in my throat because it is uncomfortable for me. i have bone pain (for two years) in the left part of chest (X-ray showed no problem,doctor thought it was inflammation, i took some antinflamatory pills also recently i've had swollen foot , toes, Ive taken antiinflammatory medicine)

-I CANNOT CONCENTRATE at all (I study at uni.. there4 face difficult times:( )
At my lectures, everybody noticed that I am constantly yawning! im tired!
besides that I have no drive and motivation to do things because I know i am not lazy but tired (that is a difference) and i have worse exam results not because i dont want to study but because i cannot concentrate at all and feelso tired. if i cud, i'd do more. but i cant.

There are days or few hours when I feel OK. But generally, MOST of the time NOt at all. At the moment I just want to cry because I dont know why the ***l I feel like this and cannot live a normal life without constant constant constant fatigue, flu-like syptoms, being not able to study and take exercise seriously, being not able to work on anything. I am not lying - i so much want to be active and do things! i am not happy to feel like this!
Do you have any idea what cud my symptoms relate to??

THANK YOU in advance SO MUCH fo ANy good ADVICE.

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