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  • Posted By: mi_donacht
  • April 30, 2008
  • 10:59 PM

I'm very, very lost.

I became sexually active in early October, and received Depro-Provera, (the shot), for birth control. We did not use condoms. I had a UTI in late November and was told it was caused by bacteria getting shifted around from sex. I stopped being sexually active in December. I had my period in January, as I didn't get my second shot, but haven't had a period since. This February and March my labia majora was itching on and off. I thought it might have been caused by detergent, toilet paper, or the water here on campus. (Heavy chlorine). In the last couple weeks of April, the itching has increased, and has been followed by burning when urinating, frequent urge to go, fishy odor, a "wet" feeling, minimal discharge, frontal pelvic ache, and slightly cloudy urine. My vulva was so chapped that I had split the skin from scratching. The doctor checked the sores, and didn't think it looked like herpes.

She also did a pelvic examination one week and the next, and couldn't feel anything.

They didn't find anything in my urine, but they did find some yeast. They decided to treat the symptoms and gave me two antibiotics and something for the yeast for a week. (Wednesday)Well, it cleared up the yeast, but I'm still having frontal pelvic aches and pressure on my bladder. The antibiotics that they gave me caused(?) me to have another set of symptom like yeast infection,(Monday) and I took some medication for it today. (Tuesday)

I didn't get tested for herpes, so I'm wondering if this could be a flareup. I'm thinking that the fact that the yeast-like infections went away with the meds may have just coincided with a herpes "flaredown". I'm really starting to get worried about this. I have sores or scrapes or whatever you want to call them in the same place I did last time. I squeezed them to see if pus would come out, but it looked like blood. They're very small, and they look like fingernail scratchings.

I still have pressure on my bladder and pelvic aches.

My doctor suggested that because my period has been delayed, I might have a cyst or that an imbalance of hormones might be causing the delay of my period, and that might be why I feel the ache/ pressure. I'm going to get an ultrasound to check, but I am still really worried about herpes. I've read that they can cause pelvic aches and feelings of pressure as well? Can flares last within a week? Is it possible that the skin just didn't get the chance to heal up the first time and that's why I got the sores in the same exact places? Does herpes flare up/down within a weeks time?

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