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HELP..they don't want to fix or diagnose

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  • Posted By: donadedd
  • August 6, 2008
  • 04:30 PM

Please help me. I have been getting the run around by my insurance companies AND the doctors. I have been told repeatedly that the doctors are afraid of getting sued by the insurance company and that is why they won't help me. (some retired docs and several other medical professionals have told me this outside the offices)
I was moving heavy furniture and suddenly got pain all across my lower pelvic area. At first I didn't know if I was injured or was getting a weird internal infection or something. It felt like someone had beaten me in my lower abdomen, groin, and had pain to the bone.
Later that day i started feeling stinging and tearing in my lower right side in the muscle tissue and had buldging there for several days following. I also started having the sensation of tissue tearing away from the top of my pelvic bone and across my right pelvis as though something was pulling ligaments, muscle and other tissue away from there. This went even into my right hip joint.
I had had my children c-section with a vertical cut many years ago due to a benign ovarian cyst that engulfed one of my ovaries and grew during pregnancy. After a couple of weeks I felt THAT start tearing as whatever was pulling seemed to have torn the tissue to which the permanent stitching in my abdomen was attached and it methodically unravelled. I have a huge incisional hernia there now. About 4 weeks in I started feeling like things were being pulled on more and alot more internally. I also started feeling like something was pinching off or blocking my bowels in the lower right side and getting pressure. Almost like that area had collapsed. About 8-9 weeks in that symptom seemed to travel to the upper right abdomen and I started getting pulling and pressure when I ate, like I was just full, as my bowels had been staying full.
It took 5 weeks to get the insurance co to approve an MRI scan to look at the tissue. I had been begging for from the first week of hurting myself. I got a call from them that they had approved it and then got home to find a message from the doctor spoke who had spoken with the insurance co that same day, saying he was cancelling it and referring me to a surgeon. But the surgeon decided to do a CT instead and that was only because I pushed for some 'sort of imaging' Three weeks after seeing him he said even though there was some herniation, and the muscle wall was wide open he was 'going to recommend no surgery' to the insurance co. He would only say the reason was because 'it would be meddling' if he went in to fix anything. I asked what he meant and he just repeated "It would just be meddling". All the tearing and stinging continued and if I try to excert myself in the abdominal area I get the same tearing from the bones symptoms.
Since that time I went out of state and went to another doctor on an emergency type basis and ended up getting a colonoscopy/endoscopy. There was one polyp and then another 'tumor' in the upper part of my colon. This was removed and that doctor was going to fix my herniation and anything else that was damaged from getting injured, he said, until he heard there was a fight with the insurance company and then he totally turned and made it clear he didn't want anything to do with it.

I now am sitting here at 46yrs old, having gone from being very active and being in great shape (often had been mistaken for 15-20yrs younger) to NOT being able to exercise cardio wise but VERY little and NO abdominal exercise. I am STILL having the same symptoms and am starting to get really depressed again. I feel pulling and tearing in my lower abdomen STILL on the right side and if I exert myself, I get the tearing from the bones feeling.
I have been to a few doctors, including a genocologyst who say they feel or see herniation but then pass me to another doctor..no one wants to treat me. She diagnosed the need for surgery on my rectus muscle and sent me back to the other surgeon to tell him that she could feel herniation..he let me know again that he wasn't going to have anything to do with the fight with the insurance co, wouldn't even TOUCH the area where she felt herniation upon 'examining me..only touched below it..then informed me she was his friend and he was going to call her..He did..She changed her tune but I ended up going for the rectus repair anyway..she had said it could have been caused that day i hurt myself which the insurance co would cover if so..When she did the surgery she only did an episiodomy and sewed me back up..$9,000 later and she didn't even FIX the internal muscle..I had thought, atleast THAT would get taken care of...I am to the point of distraught over this and can't function. I NEED my life back. I am having the sensation that the lower bowel is blocked again and feel like internal ligaments are pulling on and/or constricting my organs inside AGAIN...including my liver and right kidney, my bowels for sure...I was the one 9 months ago that eveyone trusted for advice on eating right, exercising, etc.... PLEASE HELP.. I don't know what to do anymore..I cry alot when I am a alone now.
I have had test after test, I get blood in my urine after exerting myself, even after just being on my feet for a few days. The doctors have tested me for cancers, hepititis's, gallbladder diseases, liver diseases, kidney diseases, pap smears, two CT's and exrays.. I JUST found out that the MRI was the test that WOULD have shown exactly what was going on back when I first got hurt ..it is obvious now that that is why i wasn't allowed to have it.. the surgeon said no when I asked and said he would only do a ct..NO ONE will do anything about the damage inside, pulling inside and the ligaments or even address it, or the herniation.. I KNOW IT IS ALL RELATED ..WHY DON'T the doctors CARE anymore about their patients.. I am getting organs damaged more and more as this goes on...

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