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Help...sick for almost 4months,need diagnosis!

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  • Posted By: sehi1987
  • May 28, 2008
  • 02:18 AM

Hi there, I am a 20 year old female. I am currently enrolled in college an am a Psych major, around the beginning of March i got really sick and ever since i am still in the process of recovery. It was a Sunday night and i came home from a beautiful walk in the park, i had chest pain and thought it was coming from my lungs since i did have lung infections in the past (but way past). So i took a Tylenol PM for the flu, after an hour or so i started feeling so weird my body started shacking and i couldn't breath i felt as if i was going to die and pass out. The feeling was so bad, that i had to go to the ER, after spending 10 hours at the ER they had not diagnosis besides GERD, which i had from way before. So the next day when i came home all i did was sleep and lay in my room my body was still unstable and somewhat shaky, every time i would get up i felt a really weird sensation in my body, like i was lightheaded (its really hard to explain the feeling, since there different body parts hurting me and i felt like i was dying). The whole week my parents were around me and taking care of me, i could not go to school and had to quit my job. In my head all i was thinking off was that i must have been allergic to the Tylenol but i didnt understand why the no one in the ER tested me for that. After 2 days passed i went to see my family doc. there i said everything that happend to me, after the doc left the room i felt very lightheaded and fainted when the nurse measured my blood sugar level it was 45, very low. The gave me a Glucose pill and i was fine, the doc tested me for diabetes and hypoglycemia the test results came back negative. I was glad but i could not figure out why i felt that way. One day at home just 1 day after my family doc. visit, i had difficulties swallowing and had almost not air, therefore i went to the ER again. There the doc. said i probably have anxiety. Which doubted because i had nothing to be anxious about, all i did was stay home with parents and my B/F, they gave me some xanx but i didnt take them because i believe an ER doc. cannot diagnose me for a psychological disorder, instead an psychiatrist would have to do that. The same breathing problem accured just days later and i went to the ER for the third time again, my tongue also started having sores on it that would hurt a lot when eating or drinking. The doctor there said i had a lot of acid reflux and thats what made the tongue develop sores and that the breathing problems were all related due to GERD. I was put on Prevacid and it helped but not too much, therefore i went to see an ENT, he put me on antibiotics for my thyroid infection and thank you God, i helped i stopped having the stuck feeling in my throat. But what continued was the lightheadness and the weird feeling as if i had no balance. I found on a great website that vitamin b-12 are really good for you and therefore i started taking one a day, it helps with the weird feeling, but i still occasionally experience it and i am still afraid to take any pain killer because of my bad reaction to Tylenol PM, i wish someone could help me and tell me what is wrong with me i dont want something to be seriously wrong with me and that its too late for any treatments, but what i also have noticed is that i two lumps on my neck right underneath my jaw, they are somewhat big but do not hurt. Could this be related to all of my problems or what? I have been researching so much on my symptoms but i cant come to an conclusion. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

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