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  • Posted By: DanInDallas
  • March 31, 2008
  • 05:07 PM


I read through several of the threads and I must say I'm sorry to hear about everyone's problems. I wish you all good health.

That said, I am having a bit of a problem myself. About a month ago, I came down with a high fever, sore throat, lightheaded feeling, etc. and I saw my doctor. She gave me a flu test and a strep test - both of which came back negative. However, she gave me a Z-Pack and prescribed rest - which I believe is pretty much the same treatment as if I had strep. The antibiotics helped with the fever and I got over the sore throat.

However, about two days after visiting the doctor I had an brief episode where I got slightly dizzy and I couldn't move my right hand for a few seconds. Later that night (and a few times since then) I have noticed that I cannot move my right hand very well - although I have never lost total movement as I did during that one episode. I visited my doctor about this and she suggested that I was having the early signs of carpal tunnel...

Since then, everything has been sorta normal but I have not felt the same as I did before the sickness. Occasionally, I get pains on the left side of my stomach (below my heart) and I get nauseous. It feels like something down there is overwhelmingly full and about to explode. I have noticed that when I am having the stomach pains that I start burping a lot - like 50-100 times per day. A few times I have felt so nauseous that I have thrown up. I have noticed that the most effective thing to get over this pain is to rest for a while and not eat any food - it's almost as if I get backed up with food in my system. In addition to that my most pervasive (and most annoying) symptom is a feeling of stiffness in the back of my neck and and pressure in the back of my head. The feeling is not constant but it is there most of the time throughout my day. However, I have not felt particularly lightheaded and it hasn't really stopped me from working out - or other physical activities - it's more just annoying to me than anything else. Also, my throat also feels swollen at times and I feel like I am having a little bit of trouble breathing - nothing too major I just have to slow down and take some deep breaths. One other thing that I have noticed is that I occasionally feel depressed - which is strange and uncharacteristic of me.

All of the symptoms by themselves are not especially concerning to me but I'm beginning to get worried that something else maybe wrong since it has been ongoing for about a month now. I visited my doctor again recently and I was given a handful of Prilosec OTC and told that it sounded like I was stressed. This is not a surprising diagnosis since I am a 24 year old grad student who is in shape and works out regularly. However, I have always dealt well with stress in the past and in much more stressful situations. After doing my own research I am beginning to think that it might be a thyroid problem (which I read can sometimes follow infections of the throat) - but I figured my symptoms would be regressing by now and they aren't really. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Thanks in Advance


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