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Help, symptoms being dismissed by Dr.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 30, 2010
  • 04:17 AM

Hoping someone can help me. My symptoms are at the point where I am having trouble functioning on a daily basis, but my Dr is just dismissing them with a, you'll be right, go home, have a cup of tea and a good nights sleep and you'll be fine.

These symptoms have been getting worse over the last 2 years.

I have been suffering from fatigue, which started as general tiredness and a lack of motivation and is now at the point where I nod off to sleep at every opportunity. I feel tired when I wake in the morning but can struggle through until mid afternoon when the urge to sleep is overwhelming and even if I try to stay standing and move about I have what I call 'nano naps' where my head spins and I get that odd churning/falling sensation and I feel like I'm about to pass out. Once I've had a nap I feel better, still tired but able to stay awake. As much as it embarasses me I must admit when I have to push through the tiredness and stay awake or if my nap get's interrupted I feel really cranking and irritable and in some cases teary.

I get a lot of headaches, I can't remember the last time I had a day that was headache free. They are not extreme or migranes but a constant ache and noises seem like they are amplified.

My short term memory and ability concentrate have deteriorated to the point where I have trouble doing day to day activities. I'm not talking about the odd occassion of walking into a room and forgetting why I had gone there, what is happening to me, happens every day, several times a day. I used to love playing scrabble, mahjonng, sudoku etc, but find I just can't manage them anymore. I used to look at the scrabble tiles and have half a dozen words that I could make jump out at me, now I look at the letters and can't see one. Games of mahjonng and sudoku that I used to race to finish don't get finished at all now.

I can do things like hang the washing on the line and have no memory of doing it. I make myself a drink and then forget to drink it on a regular basis. I can get in the car and find I have no idea of where I'm supposed to be going without checking my diary, even then there is a chance some sort of auto pilot may kick in and I still might drive to the wrong place (done that more than once - very inconvenient). I am constanty losing and misplacing things and not just the usual small things people loose like keys or mobile phone!! I lost a whole chicken I was going to cook for dinner last week. Organising and keeping track of my finances is becoming an insurmountable task.

I am regularly at a loss for the names of everyday objects, peoples names etc when trying to have a conversation. It's not just an odd lapse it's happening a lot.

My time management skills are terrible, I just can't seem to work to a time frame at the moment, time either just seems to disappear or I find myself running an hour early for an appointment.

I have had a lot of colds one after the other this winter to, not sure if it's related in anyway, but thought I should mention it. I am otherwise in good health.
I hope what I have typed makes sense, because it has taken me ages to do and many revisions.

Any advise/suggestions would be appreciated. I feel like I'm going crazy and my Dr just won't listen.

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