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HELP nausea, bleeding, dark urine AM I GOING TO DIE?

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  • Posted By: RachelBullets
  • February 26, 2009
  • 10:15 PM

To start, here's my crazy list of symptoms that make no sense:
-Constipation/more frequently diarrhea
-Pelvic pain
-Back/flank pain
-Abdominal pain
-Occasional chest pain
-Blood pressure abnormalities
-Dark urine
-WBC in urine
-Intermittent jaundice
-Swollen liver
-Increasing fatigue
-Chronic swollen glands

I'm a female about to turn 21 years old, and since the age of 18/19 have been suffering from increasingly severe and worrysome symptoms.

It began with abdominal pain and headaches. I do not have migraines, and it was thought I had cluster headaches, but I do not.

Since then, I have developed chronic nausea, intermittent diarrhea and constipation, and bloody stools. I had always been anemic, and before my bleeding symptoms started, my hemoglobin fell to 9.9. Now, I bleed more often but my hemoglobin has actually climbed to 12.8, even though my hematocrit is still dropping.

The other day, I had a bad scare. I had been having nosebleeds once in a while for 6 months now. But my nose had been bleeding for 4 days, and I felt very dizzy. I went to an urgent care clinic, and my blood pressure was 145/100, no stress prior. Then as it dropped, I got cold sweats and the shakes. Later that night, I vomited suddenly, with no warning, on my boyfriend's porch. 2 days before all this, I noticed my heartbeat was very abnormal for me, but didn't think anything of it.

My doctor suspected Hep because for 6 months, I have had intermittent, increasingly dark urine, ranging from brownish-yellow, to straight-up tea colored, following days that I vomit a lot, and when I saw him, my iver was swollen and I was jaundiced. The darkest my urine was came after very painful swelling in my legs and vomiting bile in th ER. I always have white blood cells in my urine, but no infection.

I have been having problems with hypotension and syncope for a few months now, but have never had high blood pressure until recently.

I'm terrified. What kind of doctor should I look for? Who can help? I can't work because I'm so sick, and have no insurance. I'm afraid I am going to die before someone can help.

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