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Help me where my doctors can't.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 7, 2008
  • 02:07 AM

47 yo female

For about three years now, I have suffered on and off with swollen glands under the jaw bone. With the swollen glands comes complete exhaustion, to where every tasks become difficult. All I want to do is sleep.
And I get boils.
Blood work looks good. I am otherwise very healthy. Haven't had a cold or flu in 15 years even though I work with the public, and am certainly subjected to germs.

This is my only ailment, and it may cause me to lose my job! With a flare up, I sleep from the time I get off work to the time I have to return, just to be able to have enough strength to push through the day.

It began only on the left side. I thought it was my teeth. I had a root canal/cap there, that bothered me since it was put in 10 years before. I had it pulled. Have since had all teeth on lower left pulled, since when the gland swells, I end up having pain in what feels like the jaw bone. I was certain it was my teeth, even though the dentist was not. The teeth needed some attention, I asked him to just remove them. My teeth are very good now.

I wanted to get better.
I seemed to. Each trip, dentist gave me antibiotic. Pain would leave, eventually swelling goes down. Last tooth pulled Nov 06

In January 07, My glands swelled again. So bad they push on the underside of my tongue, and cause pain in the jaw bone. This time I also had night sweats, boils, pain just to the left of my heart, and ran a daily fever. Which would go away by bedtime, but come one throughout the day, sometimes spiking at 102*. Upper back fatigue and pain also.

Chest Xray fine.

Doctor gave me 14 days of Cephalexin. I seemed to get better. Only to have it come back in a couple months. Again, Cephalexin.

This keeps happening every couple months now.
ENT says it isn't originating in his area. Says everything looks healthy. Ultrasound and MRI show and blood show no thyroid trouble, no stones in glands, all looks NORMAL, except for the fact that I get these symptoms and with each bout the symptoms come on worse.

Cardiology says heart is perfect, so is b/p and cholesterol! I am HEALTHY.

My Feb 08 bout, md gave me 15 days of two Cephalexin pills, and 15 days of one. Three days after stopping antibiotic, I had a recurrence. Not quite as bad. I didn't go back to the md with that one.

With my last few recurrences, in March 08 and last week, the gland pain became unbearable, I have one or two huge boils, the pain to the left of my heart is horrid (and its not because of worry, since I know my heart is very good), my upper back feels like I moved furniture all day by myself.
I don't always have a fever now, nor do I always have night sweats.

I am now on leviquin 750 mg, for 10 days. I've taken 5 days suffering from enough side effects that I cannot work. (I tried and nearly blacked out)

Where do I turn now? I have searched and searched the net, but my symptoms are too general, when I find something that 'looks' like it, I find other symptoms that just don't match. Doctors have no idea.

I want this fixed before it kills me. I need a name to fight. Ideas of what this rarity that can't be diagnosed is? Or what doctor i go to next?

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