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  • Posted By: Guardian2008
  • September 22, 2008
  • 03:10 AM

Im a healthy 22 year old male, never had any issues surrounding my health.

Symptoms are:

Anyway here are my symptoms, mind you these come and go, every week it's different story. They even change through the day.

Very stiff neck where i feel it in my head. Like if you turn you head as far as you can and flex your neck muscles. You feel like your neck is a piece of metal. Have this all the time.

Hard to take in breaths, especially when i get nervous.
Have episodes where im in fear and very overwhelmed by everything around me
Feel surges of adrenaline rush through the body, like before one has a panic attack. (Once a week)
Seeing floaters from the corner of my eyes
Head always feels warm
Sensitive to cold. Get cold very easily.
Light/color sensitivity
Tingling feet
Chest pains (not too common but get some through the day)
Breathing trouble (Some episodes thought the day)
Pressure in around the head and right ear (sometimes)
Scared of being scared, if that makes scene
Negative thoughts more negative then positive
Cannot stop obsessing about how I feel. Always thinking about how im feeling

Mind racing. I thinking about one thing, but at the same time thinking about what im thinking while singing verses from a song i heard recently. Mind is on double time.

Stomach starts turning and need to go number two, usually before get surges of fear and panic going through body.

Feel tuned out, not fully myself. Derealization maybe? You know when u watch a movie and they play a dream scene were everything is alittle fuzzy. Thank is my perception most of the time.
Fear of being by myself.
Dizziness, floor spining, the light head, imbalance and confusion (mostly when i wake up in the morning, but get em throught the day too
Feeling of falling. I feel as if im about to fall but aren’t
Very self-conscious basically over analysis and too aware of myself
Constantly thinking there is something wrong with me.
Fear that i might soon die or hurt myself "which quiet honestly i do not have the balls for".

Fear of going insane and loosing control of myself. Which is the scariest of them all.
I also experience skipped heart beats.

And feeling as is there is a bomb inside of me that's about to go off. (Haven' had it much this week)

I have also been to the ER and had a cat scan done, came back negative. Doc said it's anxiety. Also been to Neurologist, she examined me said it's anxiety and possible clonazipam withdraws. Also did EEG, now waiting for result. I just can't to stop thinking there is something wrong with me or that im totally losing it. Lately i've been afraid to go into work because of the way i feel when im there. Please any of your comments would be much appreciated.

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