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Head issues / twitching all over

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 25, 2008
  • 01:25 PM

Ok so I've been having a list of issues for about 6 months now, and I'm clueless as to who to go to / what to tell the doctor.. so I guess I'm just looking for what it could be, and some advice of where to go.

BTW I'm 19 yr / male, and before this have never had any kind of problems except seasonal allergies. And was never on any kind of medication except for seasonal allergies...

List of symptoms...

- Random numbness in toes / fingers
- a constant feeling of pressure in my head, almost like if you were upside down, that kind of blood rushing to your head feeling
- headache's
- sharp pains in my head for only a few seconds... feeling almost like a muscle cramp in my head... but then go away as mysteriously as they came. These pains are almost always in the front area of my head, but never in a particular spot.. sometimes right, sometimes left. At the time of writing, left.
- Cooling sensations in my head (in all honesty however this could be a placebo effect that I'm imagining, as I found myself a few times freaking out as my head hit a cooler area on my pillow)
- random twitching all over my body. This vary's in intensity.. for example, when I first woke up today I was twitching all over.. toes, fingers, the top of my head, my lip, and my eyebrow(most prominent). However right now only my neck.
- eye watering
- nasal issues.. can't really explain.. almost as if something is stuck way to far up your noes.. so when you breath in you have that kind of pressure feeling
- neck stiffness / twitching regardless.
- Jaw pains

About me:
- I'm on the computer a good portion of the day or reading txt books.
- I live in a college house... admittedly I don't eat right.. I usually have meats, breads, and the occasional fruit, neglecting vegetables almost entirely.
- I have tried pot a few times.. gave me the worst trips.. haven't done since last use.
- I drink probably 1-2 nights in good amount (haven't though in past 3 weeks), none on the other days however.
- These symptoms have caused me severe panic attacks.. I have been put on anti-anxiety medication temporarily.. My sis is a nurse practitioner, she advises me to see someone to get on anti-depressants.
- I've went into a doctor on several occasions, first time I asked if I had a tumor, he did this thing with my eyes and his flashlight and said I didn't and left. 2nd time I was more general with the symptoms I was having, again he didn't think their were any major concerns, and left.

Now, the symptoms are always their, regardless. However some things do intensify them.
- Any kind of caffeine, excessive sugars.
- Being on the computer too long
- Stress

However I've had all these in the past, and have never had these symptoms. They seem to be getting worse as time progresses. Hopefully I put in enough info here so that I can possibly get somewhat of a decent answer. Thanks for any info you can give!

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