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Have I caught something, or is it all paranoia?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 3, 2008
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About 6 months ago (around the end of June, early July) of this year I went see my RL boyfriend (we had a relationship online for just a little over 5 years). At somepoint he revealed to me (I'm also male) that he'd have 5 other partners (though I don't know how many he slept with; neither do I know of his HIV status). He claims to have been responsible and a couple of years ago was worried that he had contracted Hepititis (I think C) but the test proved negative.

When we met I did engage in some open mouth kissing though we did *not* have intercourse (and definately no injecting drugs, never!).

I am quite worried that I have picked up some sort of disease from him and am concerned about HIV. Could I have caught it?

About a week ago I was trying to do research by looking at various medical websites on the 'net. And a few days ago I noticed some white marks on my skin inside my mouth on the inside of the cheek. Though I can't match them to any pictures I've seen on the internet!

I do have some dental problems btw, I am sure I have at least one tooth which needs seeing too (though it's on the opposite side of the mouth).

I can't really think about what the white patches are, are they an early symptom of HIV or is it something else? Very occasionally there is a very slight stinging sensation from them but yet sometimes there isn't.

I can't really describe the shape though some seem to have congrigated together with an area of either untoched or slightly more red (hard to tell!) skin in the middle. There's about 3 or so patches at the bottom, and 1 at the top with another similar "structure" just above, with 2 patches at the top, a central untouched or slightly more red (hard to tell again) area and 1 below. That one almost looks more circular.

I will also admit sometimes I have my cooked food (at work) a little too hot(!) and I usually try to eat on the right side (the bad tooth I mentioned earlier's on the left, so most of my eating is on the right).

At the very back of my mouth on the roof there's some white which also looks like an upside down "Y" shape, but also there's other colours. It is very hard to see, but other areas look orange or purple. As I say though it's hard to tell, as the colours differ as to where I point the torch(!).

Can anyone tell me if I'm at high risk of HIV or what this odd mark is?


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