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Had/Nerve Issues - Very Scared

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  • Posted By: CatBook
  • March 21, 2008
  • 01:57 AM

Hey. =] I've made two other threads, I think, about two completely different things, and this one is probably one that I'm the most concerned about at the moment.

Okay. I have a feeling that I might have some kind of brain tumor or cyst of something, and I'm really scared. I'll tell you as much as I can, and as detailed as I can.

For the past month and a half, I've had the following symptoms:

- Head "Pressure" - Sometimes it's at the top of my head, otehr times it's all over.

- I have had a few headaches, one I htink may have been a migraine.

- Constant buzzing/ringing in my ears.

-I get a pain on my left side; (about exactly where the spleen is located). It's alost like a sharp "burning" pain, and it lasts for only about 10 minutes or so, and randomly starts. (I get it atleast 5 times a week).

- When I put pressure on the top of my hand; (I push down on it with my hand); I feel a LOT more pressure, and sometimes a "tingling" sensation in my upper lip. o_O

- My limps; (arms, and legs), have been randomly "twitching" every once and a while... even as I type this. This seems to happen mostly only at night.

- It feels like my legs and hand are tingling a tiny, tiny bit at the moment. (The "tingling" just started about and hour or so ago).

- My vision seems to be getting a tiny bit worse, but my glasses broke last week, so I'm not sure. (My headaches aren't from the glasses).

- Throat tightness, and swollen lymph nodes.

I'm 15 years-old at the moment; (I'll be 16 years-old on May 12th, 2008). A fgew weeks go I had a blood test; for a CBC. Everything came back normal. When I was 8 years-old, I had an MRI, and everything was normal. On October 21st, 2006, I had a "CAT Scan", because I thought taht I had apendicitis; and the results to that all came back normal.

Based on teh information that I've given, do you think that it is any kimd of brain tumor or cyst? I hope to God it's not, I really don't want to die. (Who does?). If it is a tumor; what are my chances? I mean; If it is a tumor, I hope it's benign. I don't want cancer. How easily can any kind of brain tumor or cyst be removed?

Thank You in advance! =]

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