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Had a problem for about 5 years. Doctor says im fine.

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  • Posted By: MysteryAnonymous
  • March 31, 2008
  • 00:15 AM

Hi, im a 22 year old male from the UK.

The problems im having might all be linked or may not be i have no idea so i will list them here.

* Bad concentration - I seriously cannot concentrate on anything anymore. And people can sometimes notice when talking to me, its like im listening, but my mind just wanders to think of 'nothing'.

* Bad memory - Lost my 4th bank card this year, I can literally put down a cup, pick up my cigarettes, and then for the life of me not remember where i put the cup.

* Strange / Unrefreshing sleep - Sometimes i can sleep for 12 hours or more, and when i wake up will never feel refreshed like i used to do a couple of years ago. But due to work i can only have around 8 hours sleep now through the week, and it makes it worse. Im also a VERY heavy sleeper. My girlfriend physically shakes me to wake me up.

* On auto pilot 24/7 - This kind of a wierd one, and might be to do with concentration im not sure. But its like im not controlling myself no more, and every now and then ill realise that im actually awake and doing whatever it is im doing. Like when your really tired, mentally not physically, and you dont really know what you are doing. Im like that all day every day.

Ive been to the doctors, he ran some blood tests and said everything was ok. Although the same doctor told my mum she had suffered swelling when infact it was kidney stones after going to hospital about it. He then sent me to the mental health ward where all the doctors nurses said i was fine and didnt need to be there at all.

I dont get physically tired, i would say im quite a fit lad and can run a couple of miles, its in my head where i seem to be struggling. Its been going on now for years and years, about 5, and i decided to live with it and found this forum by chance. It just seems a waste of life as i dont really seem to be living it, like some one else is doing it in my body. As strange as it sounds.

Im also getting ALOT of red rashes on my body, mainly on the top of my legs not sure if this is anything to do with it or not, and chest pains which i had checked out and came back as muscle pains, but i disagree as from going to the gym i know how muscle pains in the chest feel from the morning after a chest workout.

If anyone could give any light on whats wrong with me i would love to hear it.


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