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GI Mystery

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 7, 2008
  • 06:40 PM

About 5 1/2 years ago I started getting some GI symptoms that included nausea and stomach pain. I had just started a new job, and thought that it might be stress related. Eventually I realized that I had started eating soy protein bars (didn't realize they were soy) and since I have had a soy intolerance since I was a baby I thought this might be the problem. I cut these bars out and my symptoms improved, but didn't go away. Since then my symptoms have changed, gotten better and worse, and "evolved" into what I'll describe. What I have now is this tingly, squirmy uncomfortable feeling in the skin over my abdomen, "butterflies-in -stomach" type energy radiating out of my abdomen into my limbs (it's worse than it sounds, i swear!), pressure in the upper left quadrant of my abdomen right under my ribcage, queasiness/nausea, light (but not white or gray) colored stools, industrial-scented gas, can't tolerate to eat things that are fatty or have been cooked with oil, and skin breakouts on my face (which I control with topical cream). I also don't sleep well, but I'm not sure if that's a symptom, or if it's just life. Unfortunately, my symptoms are so disruptive to my life that I've had to stop working - my job required my to be "on" all the time and after 5 years I couldn't soldier through it anymore.

I have been to 4 gastroenterologists who have repeatedly scoped me and found me to be structurally sound. They've at various times diagnosed me with IBS, gastroparesis, constipation, anxiety, depression, acid reflux, and of course, lactose intolerance (which is my favorite because I was off dairy by that point.) I've be prescribed different medications to go with the different diagnoses, and none of them helped - and actually, a few of them hurt. I have also been to several holistic healthcare providers who have pointed to parasites, candida, and "old food intolerance".

My symptoms get better or worse depending what I eat...which sounds like an easy fix, right? Here are my dietary restrictions these days - no dairy, sugar, oil, or "old food". There are also things, like eggs and peppers, that casue a bad reaction. Old food is pretty much anything that comes in a package or has been made with flour that hasn't been ground that day. It's pretty much anything that's readily available in stores other than meat and produce. On small example, I had to purchase a grain smusher so that I can buy whole oats and make oatmeal for myself. Restaurants are out (except for sushi, as long as brown rice is available). Food has become this time-consuming behemoth, and I just feel like there has to be an answer out there.

Thanks for reading this loooooong plea for help!!

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