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Frustrated!!!! Hope someone knows what this is.

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  • Posted By: kayanja
  • August 18, 2008
  • 02:23 AM

About a month and a half ago, I began itching. It gradually became so bad i thought i had lice. i could not even sleep. someone told me to take benadryl but i was so convinced there were insects on my body that i decided to get lice shampoo instead. there was no relief. all over! it was so bad. . a few days later, as i was cleaning up thinking i had lice, my chest began to hurt. i thought i had inhaled bleach or something. i could not breathe. my dermatologist appointment was within that week and she said i had no lice. i went to the ER for the breathing but they said i had probably sprained a chest wall muscle and gave me ibuprofen. i also had abdominal pain and weird bowel movements but CAT scans showed they were okay. My D-dimer was high so they had to do the scan to check for a clot.

slowly, i began to get fatigued. i got a cough. i was back in the ER and they gave me miralax, an inhaler and a stronger painkiller. they tested for lyme. by this time i had to hold on to someone to walk. i also became very grouchy because people didn't seem to understand that i was truly in pain. i developed a fever. the lyme test came back negative. my doctor said i sounded like i had a virus, my bloodwork was "consistent with a viral infection" but apparently she didn't know what the virus was called.

i tried a different doctor and he did some more tests. lyme was negative - he tested me again. he tested for epstein barr - i have been exposed to the virus but he said this is not an active infection.

so now i had chest pain and abdominal pain. about a week ago, i began to get headaches. they were terrible, with burning inside my head - right inside, not on the scalp. again, i couldn't sleep. i went back to my new doctor and he said it could be anxiety. the frustrating thing is i am NOT ANXIOUS. if i am, it's the illness and frustrations, not the other way around. he said if the burning does not go away, i should see a neurologist, but he said he will schedule an appointment later if i still have headaches.

the burning has gone down, but i still have headaches. today i had muscle pain as well.

any idea what this could be??? anyone??? please??? i'm praying fervently that someone can come up with something - I am willing to seek treatment if it is anxiety but i don't think my mind is strong enough to trick my body into a cough and a fever. I have no lyme, mono, apparently it's not fibromyalgia either, i've had two abdominal cat scans, an ultrasound of my belly and i believe chest x-rays. could it be TB? if it's a virus how do i get rid of it? i haven't even been able to work,



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