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Foot swelling, leg pain, inflammed toes

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 13, 2008
  • 10:32 AM


I am a 24yr old female and for about 4 months now I have been getting swelling in my left foot. It started after I had spent the evening sat down at my laptop. When I stood up I had pain on the inside of my leg just below the knee and pain behind my toes when I tried to walk. The area directly behind my toes was also swollen.
It didn't get any better so I visited my GP who told me to put ice on it and rest it - he thought it was tendonitis. This helped but didn't clear it up so I went back - told me he couldn't do anything for me and I should just rest it.

After a few weeks the pain went away (in both areas) but the swelling persisted and gradually spread to my ankle and very lower leg......another trip to the doc. Saw a different one this time and she took a blood sample. She suggested gout/pseudo gout. The blood test came back negative for everything but she put me on naproxen. This seemed to help for a while and the swelling went down but after a few weeks of taking it they had no effect (apart from messing up my concentration).

So, I had another trip to the docs and this time they changed my medication to diclofenac. This worked as well as the naproxen but without the side effects. When I had finished my medication and nothing had changed I was referred to a rheumatologist. He decided I had flexible joints and that I must just be over flexing them and that he would like to referred me to a physio.

That is where I am at now. No physio appointment yet and the other day my toes went purple.

I have a history of swelling in my other foot but over the past 2 years that has settled down. It does still swell but not as much as it used to or anywhere nearly as much as my left foot. My heart had a random beat thing going on where it sometimes does an extra beat, this usually happens daily but my doc hasn't done anything about it. The swelling in my foot has settled down to the front of my foot again and the ankle hasn't swollen for a while but 2 of my toes are permanently inflammed and my little toe is really really sore. The skin on my toes is really red and both my feet seem to get hot really easily at the moment and then tingle. Its horrible, feels kind of burny.

I am planning on going back to my docs next week but if anyone has any suggestions that I could talk to him about I would be really grateful. Its permanently painful and I want to clear it up.

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