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Flashing light that come and goes quickly after blinking.

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  • Posted By: Bobby Fransico
  • June 22, 2009
  • 07:16 PM

First off thanks for taking you time and reading.
I have been seeing these flashing lights in my vision. Now they come and go
and this is what I have noticed tirggers them.

Being on the computer for to long
laying down (normally on computer)
Exercising (SOMETIMES)
Marijuana (I know dont kill me for it) (when I smoke im normally on the computer)

They are described like this:
It is either in my left eye or right or both.
They are blackish when looking at a white wall and they appear whitish when looking at a computer or tv screen
They are not there and then I blink and they appear like the after image of a camera then fade away QUICKLY. this all happens within a couple seconds.
Also When I move my eye from looking at one this to the other they appear then disappear.
They only last for a seconds after I blink then come back when I blink.
If its in my right eye it come when I blink my right eye.
If its in my left it comes when I blink my left.
This lasts from 1min to 5 mins (I dont actually see the flash for 5 mins but this is how long it happens when i blink then it stops after that... so when I blink its not there.

Could this be eye strain fro computer b/c its normally happens when im on the computer or watching TV.

I have TMJ could that be anything to do with it?

I am worried it has something to do with my carotid artery or a blockage of blood flow because it happens SOMETIMES when I exercise or smoke marijuana (lowers blood pressure).

It also happens when I do not smoke or do not exercise so that is not the ONLY problem.

I went to an eye doctor and they said no retinal detachment. -came back fine
I had an ekg. -came back fine
I had an echo of my heart. -came back fine
I had a stress test. -came back fine
I had a ultrasound of my right carotid artery (because I had a lump there and a pounding in my right ear when I exercise turns out lymph node(not sure about the pounding I am worried that my left carotid artery is blocked and thats whats causing the pounding in my right ear because there needs to be more blood flow.) p.s. I have major anxiety
I had a cat scan of my neck for lumps turns out just swollen lymph node.

My parents have had it up the hear with tests because I am on 20 but I still worry its something with my blood flow. When I lay down SOMETIMES BUT NOT RARELY I can feel blood flowing in the back of my head it feels like a tingling expanding sensation that goes away after a little bit. (my doctor says its probably anxiety)

What is causing these flashing lights. It is just from eye strain or should I go and have yet another test for something.

20 yo male 185 pounds

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