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  • Posted By: taniaaust1
  • June 2, 2008
  • 00:40 AM

Im currently trying to work out what exactly may be causing the following: the last couple of months or so.. ive been having period issues.

I had a period a few mths back in which I bleed so heavily at one point.. (left blood TRAIL/stream not just drops.. from my bathroom to the toilet), that I thought i was haemorraging and nearly went down to the hospital as it scared me. (Im used to very heavy periods..i have to use super tampons and pads together and change every couple of hrs) as i have polycystic ovary syndrome but this was something else again.. it actually POURED for a couple of minutes, ive NEVER had it pour like that before.

My period after that one was weird too.. it was normal till day two when it usually goes very heavy and usually last 5-6 days.. but at that point (day 2 when it usually goes to it's heaviest), it then just suddenly stopped!

Then yesterday.. I start bleeding like im getting my period.. but it's not due for another 2-3 weeks.. (i guess im about the ovulation point.. thou i havent shown any signs yet im about to ovulate... i often know when i are). I was under heavy stress when I started to bleed and do realise stress can cause spotting. In the past on rare occassions when Im under heavy stress.. i have had spotting. This thou was more than just the spotting ive had in past..... it went to like day one of my normal (heavy) periods.

Today.. im not bleeding at all.

Anyway.. im completely confused.. how on earth can my period just go and stop.. right when i should be at my heavest? Why did i bleed yesterday more than just spotting. (unless one regards it as extremely heavy spotting?)

To add to this.. Im getting morning nausea.. which is settling down on eatting toast.. but before i do that.. im having to force myself to eat it as I feel like im going to throw up.

Im currently assuming that is being caused by stress along with having abnormal low cortisol.. (nausea sign of Addisons disease and CFS people are meant to be at their lowest with cortisol in the mornings). If being caused thou cortisol thou.. would eatting get rid of it??

my history..

I have PCOS, CFS and many associated problems eg low cortisol and a ton of other issues . I had an internal..and by my cervix and how im looking down there, i dont appear to be pregnant (and i shouldnt have be, unless someone impregnanted me while asleep).

so any ideas what is going on with my periods?

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