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  • January 28, 2010
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I'm 43yrs old and feel like I'm falling apart.
I have had ACL replacement about ten years ago, Tonsillectomy about fifteen years ago and cholecystectomy (gallbladder surgery) about two years ago, and about a year after that was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus.
I also was involved in a car accident that total-ed my compact truck about three and a half years ago.

In the past year or so, I have feeling like I'm falling apart!
If it's not my back it's my knee, if it's not my knee it's my feet, if it's not my feet it's gastro related.

Sometime around October I started having severe back spasms that at one point in November left me nearly unable to walk at all! At the exact same time I also noticed extreme and severe fatigue and muscle weakness that I just couldn't explain. I could barely raise my arms above shoulder height. I saw my doctor who immediately jumped to auto-immune disorders and other diseases like Lyme or even celiac disease. So, needless to say, she ordered up several blood tests. Eventually they all came back negative. She also ordered an MRI of my lumbar spine as I had informed her of my auto accident and that my previous dr had ordered an MRI where she (the previous dr) claims to have found scoliosis! Well the MRI came back normal as well! No signs of scoliosis at all?
All this was happening while I was being treated with anti inflammatory drugs which seemed to at least make it so I could walk without too much pain...and then my dr recommended physical therapy for my back. She is convinced it's purely neurological/muscular dysfunction that was not corrected at the time just after the accident. The physical therapy seemed to help a bit more.
But just recently I was out playing with my 9mos old Golden retriever when she charged at me and body slammed into my knee that I had had the ACL replacement. At that moment I felt/heard a distinctive "snap/pop" sound followed by excruciating pain. Now, my ACL was an allograft so there are no nerves to the new ACL at all. Even if I did re-injure it I wouldn't/couldn't feel pain from it. I'm a bit nervous about going back to my doctor again with yet more pain. I'm not a pain meds seeker at all! I actually cannot tolerate most/if any/ opiates or morphine derivatives at all..and the ones I can tolerate are fairly weak or simply shut off after a few doses. (Toradol comes to mind) So, it's not an addiction issue as I tend to be reluctant to take pain meds of any kind.
What's also bothering me is that since my diagnosis of Barrett's I have noticed excelerated tooth decay! All six of my molars are now in advanced decay!~! I have an appointment to see my dentist next week, but I've already let him know I'm not willing to go through several root canal procedures if that is the case. I just won't do it! I can't stand the pain and as I said before, I can't tolerate pain meds as it is.

As a matter of coincidence I have also noticed over the past year, maybe more, my toe nails seem to be very brittle and tend to split rather easily and for a number of years I've had a completely unexplained spot on my inside left ankle that seems to itch incessantly! To the point that I've actually scratched layers of skin off and when it healed I know have a terrible callous over that spot! But it still ITCHES...all the time!

Now some of these things seem to be completely unrelated to me, but others I can't help but wonder if they are related in some way.
My doctor is at her wits end, I'm sure and I'm embarrassed to keep going back over and over for what seems to be unrelated ailments.

I'm just sick of always being in some kind of pain! :confused:

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