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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 7, 2008
  • 05:47 PM

hello im 24 years old weight 214 pounds at 5 foot 4 ive been diagnosed with pcos i have high androgin levels and im severly vitamin d deficent my dr has me taking 1600 iu of vitamin d a day the vitamin d help alot of my pain some went away completely and some is milder now the pain in my overies has gone away. lumpy sore breasts has decreased. what im worried about is i have pains right below my right rib at the top of my stomach its not as bad as it was but its still there i also get pains on the sides of my neck from behind my ear at the base of my skull going down at an angle that pain isint as bad as it was ethier since starting the vitamin d. my back hurts all the time along my spine seems to radiate into my shoulders down my elbows wrists and fingers. ive noticed my fingers are beging to change shape my nuckles are larger and my fingers are bending. ever since i can remeber before i had cronic back pain if i drank alcahol by back would hurt along my spine it felt as if there was to much fluid in it but at the same time i wanted to crack it. ive had my thyroid hormone check and its normal but i still get sharp pains along them. ive been checked for diabetes and my sugers are always normal but i get whats like low sugers pretty often i feel weak and dizzy even a little queezy until i eat something its kind of scarry becuse i feel like im about to pass out. i used to vomit almost everymorning thank god thats gone away. i was checked for partial siezers they said there wasint any sign of epilepsy that i was most likely light sensative. before i started taking vitamin d i began to stutter and my memory had faded. im also increadibly gassy lately. if i cough the skin on my chest itches. my eyelid and hands twitch all the time. my hands would get really tingly often my vitamin b levels were checked and my b12 was low . when i was a child i was anemic i also matured odly i had full pubic hair at age 8 and didnt menstrate till i was 13 my breasts never grew very large either. i know from all that it would be hard to pin point whats going on with me but at this point im not getting much help from the dr.s im seeing and my qulity of life is really poor for my age maybe someone could narrow down what might be wroung with me i can go into see a dr with things to check for thank you for your time

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